A Witch’s Internet Guide to Magic

This post was originally published on my previous website on July 22, 2018.

How did you first learn about witchcraft?

I feel like I’ve always known that I’m a witch. Not just in this lifetime, but in past lives as well. My first conscious memories of encountering witchcraft was Kiki’s Delivery Service. I still love that movie.
And then when I was 10 I found a book in the basement about palmistry.
No one in my family knew whose it was or how it got in the basement, how weird is that! I read both my parents’ palms and was shocked to realize that they both had child lines indicating one oldest daughter and two younger sons. From then on I read palms obsessively. That’s what led me to dreamwork, then divination, astrology, and everything else I’m into today.
It’s wild to me that I’ve been practicing magic since before I even had internet.
Folks getting into magic and witchcraft now have such an incredible advantage with access to the internet. There’s so much information online that it can be overwhelming. You can research your origins, your culture’s ancient practices, access every single resource, look up any plant, learn any magical modality your heart desires.
So I wrote a guide for you of a few of my favorite magical resources that you can find online. Inside you’ll find:
  • My go-to astrology website
  • A tarot app
  • A fun free numerology site
  • A mystery school
  • Herbal apothecaries & supplies
  • And more
I’ve also created a free downloadable version of A Witch’s Internet Guide to Magic so you can save this list for future reference. Enjoy!
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Disclaimer: Some of the links in this list are affiliate links, meaning I’ll make a percentage of sales should you choose to purchase, at no additional cost to you. If so, thank you for supporting my website!

1. Mystic Medusa

Olaf Henriksen for Mystic Medusa
Mystic Medusa is one of the first blogs I ever read about astrology, and it remains my favorite to this day.
She’s a witty, irreverent and thoughtful guide for anyone who wants to venture beyond the veil. Her blog is free, and an excellent resource for anyone who wants to learn about astrology primarily, but also energy work, dreamwork, tarot, and other esoteric subjects.
I actually have had a subscription to her website for years so that I can access the rest of all of her amazing offerings:
  • Daily astrology emails
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes of course
  • A single tarot reading appA 12-card tarot spread app
  • An Oracle app where you can select a question and receive an answer
Her apps are amazingly on point and apparently operate off of synchronicity and dark matter. Ha!
Check Mystic Medusa out here.

2. Numerologist.com


Screenshot from my free video report from Numerologist.com
Numerology is the practice of interpreting numbers to give you insight into yourself. You can use numerology to find out your life path, how you express yourself, your hidden passions, and more.
I was surprised by how much I enjoyed my free numerology report from Numerologist.com. For some reason, most of the numerology websites I’ve found online are super dry and aesthetically unappealing. Is it just me? 
They also offer a very extensive paid written report that I totally recommend. But the free one is more than enough information to start with if you’re new to numerology. Seriously, make yourself a cup of tea and check it out. And then check out my beginner’s numerology post.

3. Astrodienst

Astrodienst is such an essential tool for astrologers.
They have sooo many free resources, like free personal charts, composite (relationship) charts, horoscopes, even your best travel destinations by astrology. I’ve had them bookmarked for years and reference it daily.
If you’re brand new to astrology, I recommend starting with the AstroClick Portrait.
In the AstroClick Portrait (and other interactive charts), you can enter your birth details to have your free chart drawn up, and then you can actually click on every part of the chart – known as aspects – to pull up interpretations for each aspect. Super easy.
Tip: For some reason their interpretations default to the “Youth Portrait” mode, intended for children. If you scroll to the bottom of the interpretation column, you can click “Alternative Interpretation by Robert Pelletier” which will give you the version intended for adults.
If you are ready to deepen your astrology practice, check out their Extended Chart Selection.
In the Extended Chart Selection, you can select different types of charts, add ephemera, check your transits, and more. I’ve also bought several of their extended readings and recommend them highly.
Create your free Astrodienst account here.

4. Mountain Rose Herbs

Mountain Rose Herbs is the best online resource for all the sustainable, organic herbs, spices, teas, oils and DIY supplies a witch could need.
They’re an Oregon-based company that provides ethically sourced products at great prices. I’ve bought cosmetic clays, herbs, oils and other products from them for years. They’re always my first stop when I need to stock up my apothecary ingredients. Their blog is fun and informative too.
Shop Mountain Rose Herbs here.

5. Vibrational Medicine

Maryam Hasnaa is such a powerful force in the world of spirituality and energy work.
She is an energy worker, herbalist and sound healer who regularly shares her high vibrational insights into consciousness, energy work, and healing on Instagram and Twitter.
A few months ago she launched New Earth Mystery School, an online school teaching consciousness studies and spiritual self care.
Twice a month she teaches in-depth courses on topics such as the metaphysics of abundance, ancestral healing, and Akashic records. I also love her herbal medicine shop, Resonance Apothecary.
I cannot recommend Maryam’s work highly enough to anyone looking to deepen their understanding of what it means to be an energy body in this universe. Visit her website here.

I hope you had fun and learned something new about magic!
This was such a fun post to write. I’ve seriously grown so much from all of these resources and hope they help you on your magical path. Did you enjoy this guide?
If so, you can download your free PDF copy of by clicking here
(It’s so pretty)

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