Kikimancy x Black Friday Fundraiser

Welcome to the 1st annual Kikimancy x Black Friday Fundraiser!

I felt inspired to create this housing fundraiser for my first Black Friday sale: You save 20.6% when you buy both of my nail divination e-books, and 89% of all sales will be delivered to the guest author of my 2nd book (and their partner) to help secure safe housing this winter!

This is a lengthy post because I want to share all the details of the fundraiser for accountability. Here are all the topics so you can skip to the most interesting part to you:

  • Ready to buy? Visit the shop
  • Black Friday – Cyber Monday Prices
  • About the Fundraiser
  • Already Have the Books?
  • Want Other Ways to Support?

Black Friday – Cyber Monday Prices

You can buy either book (usually $11.33) for $9.80, or a bundle of both books (valued at $22.66) for $17.99 from Black Friday through the end of Cyber Monday. The Bundle includes:

  • The Ancient Art of Onychomancy In the Modern World, my first book, beautifully illustrated to evoke a magical grimoire – the perfect intro to nail reading for beginners.
  • Explorations In Onychomancy: Field Notes From the Frontier of Nail & Manicure Divination, the science-fiction themed sequel for intermediate to advanced onychomancy practitioners.
  • Bonus: A free printable page out of my upcoming coloring book!
  • Shop, read book descriptions and read Customer Reviews here.


About the Fundraiser

The fundraiser recipient, anu omni, wrote the beautiful descriptions of the 4 elements presented in the first chapter of Explorations In Onychomancy. They and their partner Sage are a young couple who currently live in an unhealthy housing situation. They need $10,000 to obtain safe housing for the winter, and I am very excited to present my readers and future readers a fun and educational way to support these two in securing their home.

Here’s the math, for transparency:

They receive 89% of all sales, meaning we need to make $11,240 to give them 89% worth $10,000. That’s 625 bundles priced at $17.99.

625 is definitely a stretch goal for my audience alone, as it’s more books than I’ve sold so far this entire year, so I’d love to connect with influencers about boosting the cause to make this goal more achievable – if anyone wants to send this post to their favorite influencers we’d greatly appreciate it!

Of each bundle, anu will receive $16.01 and will receive $1.98, which will go toward site maintenance, social media marketing, graphic design, email marketing, sales and customer service administration, and all associated overhead costs. I’ll provide screenshots of my sales info at the end of the fundraiser, as well as a Paypal receipt of the donation, minus anu’s legal details to protect their privacy.

And in case you were wondering, none of these numbers are arbitrary – they are all “8” numbers, to help manifest for anu and Sage the abundance that the number 8 represents.

December 1, 2020 UPDATE:

Here are the final results – and receipts! We raised $455.47 total! I’m so grateful for everyone contributing to the Black Friday Fundraiser. I’m certain this campaign had a wider reach than if I’d done a regular sale, one because knowing me I wouldn’t have promoted as hard and two because my community STEPPED UP! Thank you so much everyone 🙂

Already Have The Books?

Please consider buying the bundle as a gift for your loved ones – and nail techs! You can select the “Gift” option to have it delivered directly to your gift recipient’s inbox, and you can even select a date in the future for delivery! So this would be a super cute digital stocking stuffer to send someone for Christmas, or even a gift to be delivered on their birthday next year, for example 🙂


Want More Ways to Support?

In addition to the 2 images above, I made more cute flyers in a variety of aesthetics, customized so you can post to your Instagram posts, Instagram Stories, or Twitter.

If you’re on your computer click the first image below for the zip file of all formats – if you’re on your phone keep scrolling to save the individual images. Please tag me @kikimancy (and your favorite influencers) and use #home4anu so we can see and boost your post!

Instagram Posts:

Instagram Stories:

Twitter Posts:

Happy holidays and thank you so much!

Kiki 💚

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