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2020. Despite the chaos of this wild and heavy year – or maybe because of this intensity lighting a fire under my ass – I managed to publish 2 books, The Ancient Art of Onychomancy, and its sequel, Explorations In Onychomancy. I feel like I’m done writing for a while honestly! At least about nails.

I’ve been feeling inspired to switch gears and create some art. Something soothing to help smooth out the traumatic levels of stress so many of us have accumulated this year. So I’ve started making a coloring book. It’s inspired by onychomancy and nail aesthetics!

My new coloring book provides beautiful, soothing visuals to illustrate some of the main concepts from my onychomancy books so you can co-create some meditative eye candy and learn nail divination at the same time! (Stiletto nails, below, are of the Water element, for example!)

And today, I’m excited to offer a page out of the coloring book to my subscribers as a gift. Just click the image below to subscribe and you’ll receive a PDF that you can print out to start coloring right away. Please post it to your socials and tag #ColorWithKiki and @kikimancy! I’d love to see what you create!

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