The Spiritual Purpose of Consent

As creative entities with free will, we have the power to speak our will – and our boundaries – into existence. One of my favorite lightbulb moments was realizing yes, my words and thoughts create my reality – AND other people’s words and thoughts create their reality as well. And realities collide.

This clarified the question of, “But why would so and so create XYZ tragic event in their reality” for me, especially when it comes to tragedy befalling the innocent. They didn’t. Their reality collided with the will of another entity, and this collision – in this control matrix overlaying the Earth realm anyways – takes the shape of energetic contracts and programs.

In this post, I share my understanding of the nature of these spiritual contracts, examples of how I cancel and rewrite contracts, and some recommended reading.

Hiding Truth In Plain Sight

I explicitly revoke consent from programs (enacted by an occult “cabal” of entities which control the matrix) as soon as I become aware of having been programmed by them. If you become aware of programs but still let them run… they will run.

These contracts and programs facilitate the manipulation and theft of our energy. These entities obtain our consent – the equivalent of a signature on a contract – through overt and hidden means. This is the practice of “hiding truth in plain sight.” Common methods of obtaining our consent include confusing legal jargon in the fine print of literal contracts, and “pre-programming” agendas into Hollywood movies. Hollywood is basically the propaganda arm of the CIA (read “Esoteric Hollywood” by Jay Dyer for more).

Consent Versus Privilege

Consent shouldn’t be a controversial topic, yet here we are. Revoking your consent publicly can trigger people. Someone actually ended our friendship because they perceived my beliefs around revoking consent from the cabal as denying systemic privilege.

To me “speaking it into existence” is not about wishful thinking or ignoring power dynamics and systemic injustices. It’s about taking responsibility for how I position myself in relation to the world and what I choose to focus on. It’s about clarifying my boundaries and needs in the present moment. Language is a DECISION.

I didn’t say revoking consent is ALL it takes. It is one step. And one that anyone, of any race, class, gender, or sexuality can take. Right now.

Revocations of Consent

I’ve included below all of the revocations I’ve shared on twitter so far and will update this post if I come up with more. My consent is not your consent. If you don’t want to post your own version online but you want to enact any of these boundaries for yourself, at least speak them aloud or write them in a journal. Consider this permission to copy/rephrase the following:

I revoke consent from being followed or monitored by bots, trolls, FBI and other intelligence agencies, and data scrapers.

I revoke consent through all space, time and dimension from being genetically modified, irradiated, tracked, immunologically compromised, or hormonally manipulated in any way by any being.

I revoke consent from being followed by 8-number twitter accounts that follow me for any reason whatsoever, including but not limited to potential astro-turfing.

I revoke consent from being followed, monitored or engaged by chaos agents, whether hired or independent, on any social media platform, in my waking life, and in the astral realm.

I revoke consent from being followed or monitored online by people I know in real life who know, suspect or can assume I don’t want them to follow or monitor me.

I rebuke, render harmless and release all pro-eugenics programming, explicit and covert in the guise of any political or spiritual movement including but not limited to progressive, leftist, liberal, Green, feminist, environmentalist, Goddess/Earth-based, from my energy field.

I revoke consent from being intentionally mislead. I revoke consent from being experimented upon. I revoke consent from having my body used as ammunition. I revoke consent from being used as a pawn to harm others. I revoke consent from having my frequency manipulated.

I revoke consent from being involved in, subject to, and/or energetically harvested for any programs, experiments, and/or manifestations designed to manipulate, exploit, distort my orientation in and/or understanding of space and time.

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Revocation Ritual Recording

UPDATE: On 2/22/2022, I recorded a 15-minute ritual for the members of my private forum, The Slow Beauty Immersion, in which we revoked consent from the evil eye in various forms. You’ll receive instant access to the recording if you join the forum, or you may purchase the recording below for $11.33:

Recommended Reading

Shortly after I started posting revocations, I was introduced to the work of Sovereign Ki, who has shared a fabulously comprehensive Declaration of Non-Consent, as well as an equally powerful Declaration of Sovereignty. So once you release contracts in the first declaration, you can create new beneficial contracts in the second declaration if you want.

Clearing and re-writing contracts is powerful energy work – prepare for veils to drop!

4 thoughts on “The Spiritual Purpose of Consent”

  1. Thank you goddess for this consent insight! So helpful – you out everything into words that has been on my mind or notice eye don’t do certain stuff to get my frequency manipulated so it was a moment of joy to see you break it down!

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