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I’m excited to announce a new monthly feature here at Kikimancy called The Octoradiance Series. Octoradiance means “8 rays of light,” and my vision is to share candid 8-question interviews with my favorite mystics, healers & creatives – the type of questions I’d ask during a heart-to-heart over a glass of something delicious.

I’m honored to have the opportunity to interview astrologer and tarot reader Katrina Stradford, founder of The Jove Goddess, in this inaugural post.

The Jove Goddess is a serene hub of spirituality, beauty, and wellness – “a publication designed to give you the space and resources needed to chart your own path.” There’s so much goodness on this site: you can take an online tarot or sidereal astrology course, book readings with 3 different readers, and more.

Katrina and I have gotten to know each other this past year as we’ve bonded over our shared interests in – amongst other things – the occult, entrepreneurship, and living beautifully. Our conversation below ranges from the controversial to the personal and portrays a lot of what I love about Katrina: her practical, no-nonsense approach to spirituality, her generosity of knowledge, and her candor, humor, and warmth. Big Sag energy!

1. What are you obsessed with right now? 

I’m really obsessed with merging modalities right now! Tarot with Astrology. Astrology with Numerology. Numerology with Distance Healing. I feel like there are little cracks that need to be filled in somehow, and this is my solution for now: providing more holistic services.

On a more personal note, I’ve been really obsessed with making space. I enjoy a bit of excess in my life if I’m honest, but I’ve still been focused on clean, clear spaces inside and outside of my vessel. This includes going through my long, long list of downloads and bookmarks and clearing my digital footprint as well.  

2. What’s the story behind launching The Jove Goddess? 

I went through a Dark Night of the Soul period in 2017/2018 after moving to Puerto Rico about a week before Hurricane Maria hit. I lost everything, including my boyfriend at the time, and had to move back in with my Dad.

For the end of 2017 and the entirety of 2018 I left my house max 10 times — but during that time I discovered astrology after googling, “What sign should Sagittarius date?” (I know 😬). Next thing I know a tarot deck popped up in an Amazon package at my house a few weeks later. I still don’t know when or how I purchased it. I always say I must have blacked out and my higher self took over like, “Let’s move this along, shall we?”

The rest is really history. I started posting free spreads and insights on Twitter, found the spiritual community on there, and then people started to ask me for readings. I did them for free at first and then realized that the energy imbalance was way too draining. Enter The Jove Goddess.

3. What would you do with your life if you knew you were going to die in one year? 

Well, if I can only control myself I’d make music and tour the world, having really close, intimate moments with fans. If I have (more) magical powers or could control others, I’d snap my fingers and have a husband and toddler-aged kids to spend the year with. We’d home school and go on a few trips and really let the kids explore. 

“The gatekeeping of the spiritual sciences is built in lack and is a function of a capitalist society.”

4. What is your most controversial professional opinion? 

I think everyone should be their own tarot reader, astrologer, and healer. They should at least have the ability to do the basics of these fields without having to seek outside input. I often get pushback for this when I dare say it, but at the root we all have the ability to do these things. The gatekeeping of these spiritual sciences is built in lack and is a function of a capitalist society, two things I can’t promote. This is why a large part of my business is offering beginner courses.

5. How would your teenage self feel about your present self? 

I’d be so confused! 😂 I feel like me and my old self would be cool but not too close because teenage me DEFINITELY thinks 27 year old me is a weirdo. She’d be disappointed that I work so much and didn’t continue singing and acting. On the bright side, teenage me would be very proud of the fact that I don’t have a boss and still go against the grain!

6. What is the theme of your 2020? 

Growth + Authenticity! I’m focused on growing and expanding towards full authenticity in all areas of my life and business. There have been a lot of things in past years personally and professionally that I’ve felt like I had to do or couldn’t do. No more of that in 2020 and beyond. This goes along with clearing space and is the reason for it. I’m willing to let go of what doesn’t match to see what will come in and be perfect for me!

7. What is the most game changing or mind-blowing thing you’ve learned recently? 

I’m in Claire Nakti’s Female Path Course where she sends a lesson every week for a year. The lessons are based on Eastern Spirituality and I’m basically mind-blown every single week. If I had to pick a lesson that made the most impact so far (up to week 10), I’d say it would be the Duality of the Female Path lesson. This helped me learn a lot about myself and how I function in the world and with men — as well as how the other women in my life function in the world.

8. What brings you peace? 

I find peace in beautiful spaces with no noise. I’m very aesthetic-oriented so going somewhere clean and open with high-quality interior design and great textures will do it! When I get tired of being alone, being with family brings me peace. There’s nothing like going home to remember who you are at the core of it all.

Thank you Katrina for indulging my 8 burning questions and kicking off The Octoradiance Series. Make sure to visit The Jove Goddess and read and subscribe and buy all the things. I just bought the Moon Cycle calendar, by the way – it adds sidereal transits and mini daily readings to my phone. It’s awesome.

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