Must We Experience Karma?

Audny Apeiron is a writer, explorer & syncretist of esoteric teachings. She and I met in 2019, when I immediately noticed her talent as a writer through examining her pinky fingernail. We quickly became friends and study partners in all of our shared obsessions, from beauty to religion to history. Audny offered me invaluable moral support and critical feedback through the process of writing my nail divination books, and she is also the muse for an oil painting I have been working on for the past year. She is a true Renaissance woman and I am delighted and honored to present this soul-provoking essay she has graciously shared with us today.

Karma exists whether we acknowledge it or not. It exists through a variety of names or phrases in every single belief system, including Christianity, and is proven by science. The scripture “Give, and it will be given on to you,” is enough proof that karma (the Sanskrit word for Comeback) exists in this exoteric faith, regardless of any embellishments added to separate us in faith. 

The New Testament comes with the arrival of the prophesied Christ and the declaration that Love alone is the Law - we will examine what this truth means in future - and provides with it the formula for operation outside of pre-existing spiritual laws, such as karma. By stepping out of law and into Grace, Jesus Christ teaches all who would seek his counsel, past, present and future, how to override the law of karma. 

Sometimes we make mistakes or even jokes and suffer because of them, and we have no idea why. It is the same principle that explores the fact that a murderer and the man he murdered could both inhabit heaven.

Forgiveness is a core principle taught in Christianity but I believe its true meaning and intent to have been bastardised - forgiveness is just as important to attain for yourself as it is to give to anyone else. The mere receipt of forgiveness can cancel negative karma that you were meant to experience or even have begun experiencing. This is why it of the utmost important to never joke about a bad thing happening to you; be very careful about jokes or musings of mishaps - the Law does not understand jokes and sarcasm. 

When one jokes, their energy, imagination and every inclination is at an elevated state. The Law only recognises your delight and eagerly wishes to make your spoken desires coupled with belief a reality. There is a scripture that states, “Delight yourself in the Lord and he shall grant you the desires of your heart.” So the more joy you experience from a fantasy, the quicker it is likely to come to pass. This is the danger in humour. This is why many people dance when seeking favour from a deity, because dancing is something that comes naturally with joy or delight. The more joy you produce in your petition, the faster it actualises.

This is why it is advised to never despise the exoteric religion you are born into because of the many esoteric secrets held within it. It is also why I am against active conversion of anyone because I refuse to rob someone of their life’s mission of searching for the truth of their incarnation. So many have criticisms of the faith they were born into, and they dismiss it as frivolous imaginings of the past - but this is the carnal mind, the spiritual mind of a child. If you truly traverse the faith you inherited at birth and seek the truth in it, you will find every fulfilment necessary for this lifetime. And if you still wish to convert after genuine seeking of the truth, then that is up to you. 

For example, to understand the difference between logos and rhema, one must experience rhema. Logos is like reading the instruction on a cleaning product and following it exactly - of course it works. But rhema is when you read those instructions and understand why it works in that manner and perhaps receive insight on how to make it work even better. Rhema is the spoken word of God that is necessary for that moment - it is esoteric understanding.

I said all of that to arrive at this point: many argue that Christians have the greatest blessing that has been poured out due to the coming of Christ, but most suffer because of a lack of knowledge on how to utilise this blessing. The Bible provides a cheat sheet on how to operate outside the confines of spiritual Law and anyone can do so without even being Christian. It is a concept Jesus taught again and again in his brief time on Earth. It is the concept of Grace, which overrides consequences for action. 

Have you ever wondered why so many of the world’s “elites” are Christian or Christian-presenting? They utilise the Law of Divine Grace. It is why the wicked can so easily prosper and why the rich will grow richer. It is no shock to me that “Christianity” was the chosen religion used to subjugate so many around the world. I put it in inverted commas because what has been taught as Christian for centuries is NOT the message of Christ. It has been said that American Christianity is an atheism factory. And I wholeheartedly agree. The perverseness of Western taught Christianity that permeates off of our screens is so offensive and entirely wrong that it is sickening. No wonder that it is the largest religion in the world, yet its people are riddled with frustration and suffering which they do not have to endure. 

What I am about to share may even be dangerous but I pray that only those who are meant to find it and desire to do good with this information happen upon this and make it this far into reading. Knowledge of this alone is part of the very reason that Christ proclaimed that He had overcome the world. What he meant was that he figured out how we could live without consequences, without negative karma. It is so simple that he will blow your mind.

The simple act of asking for divine forgiveness or pardon from a mistake, joke etc, and then stating that you are under grace and not under the law is sufficient to wipe out any negative karma you are experiencing. The act of forgiveness itself decongests the body. 

The scripture about turning the other cheek is not one that encourages abuse, but one that encourages stillness. By turning the other cheek you are choosing to look away and pardon that person their transgression against you so that blockages and resentment do not form within you and hinder you from experiencing your GOOD karmas.

The mere act of doing something kind for someone with the intent to make amends of a past wrongdoing that you perhaps cannot apologise for also grants you divine forgiveness. It is why those who seek to destroy us give so much to charities and help random strangers halfway across the world as they destroy other parts of the world for their profit. It is the same principle as, "As within, so without." It is the law in physics which states that every force we exert in the world has an equal and opposite force - so see? Even physics proves the law of karma.

- Audny Apeiron

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