Nail Reading: Black Iridescent Tip Coffins

What a unique manicure! I’m gonna call this the Hidden In Plain Sight set. Let’s get right into it.

The Meaning of the Shape

Coffins embody the spirit of Fire – yang, assertive, illuminated, visionary, creative. This is a great shape for creative entrepreneurs, as the taper is receptive to divine inspiration, emphasized by the length of these tips activating the crown chakra, while the straight edges help ground all that heat and energy into concrete action.

The shape is further grounded by being on the slightly wider side of coffin – think less “uncontrolled wildfire” and more “roaring fireplace.”

The Meaning of French Manicure Tips

I was stoked to do this reading after yesterday’s metallic-tipped French manicure, as both are juicy variations of the classic French manicure which I analyzed the day before that. Let’s examine the juxtaposition between the nude nail plate and these black cateye tips.

Nude colors – anything that matches your natural nail color and skin tone – show self-acceptance, primarily. It’s the je ne sais quois of someone who is sexy without trying to be, open, candid, and self-assured. This is the “plain sight” in “hidden in plain sight.” So what are we hiding?

Black absorbs light, and this absorbent quality is yin, or receptive, and lends itself to receiving information, gathering intel, and laying low. Whenever I see black polish or black clothing, I see someone in stealth mode – concealing something. That doesn’t mean it can’t be attention grabbing or visually striking, of course. But black is alluring exactly because it holds back.

Which makes the pink and green iridescent cateye shimmer all the more intriguing. Pink and green are both heart chakra colors. I’ve also seen a chakra diagram in which the pink sacral chakra is distinct from the orange naval chakra (most chakra diagrams do not show the naval chakra and so portray the sacral chakra as orange). So anyways these colors are basically emotional colors, suggesting that belying this mysterious first glance at the stark nude and black contrast, we have this undercurrent of vivid emotional energy.

Word of the Day: Chatoyancy!

This style of iridescence, where the shimmer forms these swirls of color, is created by magnetic “cateye” polish.

FOUR LILY 5D 9D Magnet Cat Eye Nail Gel Polish Chameleon Soak Off UV Gel  Decor | eBay

It reminds me of tiger’s eye stones. When researching tiger’s eyes, I learned that this iridescent effect is called chatoyancy! This word is derived from the French “oeil de chat” meaning cat’s eye, and it is the effect caused by the minerals of the stone reflecting light. How beautiful is that.

Your crystal ball is made from an attractive Tigers Eye. This treasure has silky chatoyancy, with golden brown ribbons and various patterns on the chocolate brown mineral. Your sphere has a polished surface, yet retains natural lines and inclusions. Measures: 1.9 inches. Weighs 5.6 ounces. Tiger's Eye is protective, watching over your space and family. It holds the energy of the feline, bringing confidence, self-esteem, and courage. Tiger's Eye is associated with the second chakra. Receive this

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