Nail Reading: Metallic Tip French Manicure

I was sent this beautiful French manicure yesterday by my friend Az, who tweeted:

I call these the “I’m creating masterful, bountiful opportunities and rich woman energy” nails. I downloaded @kikimancy ebook on onychomancy! Our hands / nails have a metaphysical energy behind them we use them everyday to create our vision, allow your hands to bring in the riches

– @wordsofaz

We chatted about her nails behind the scenes and she said she was inspired by Beyoncé’s classic French manicure that I posted a reading for here! So it feels fitting to continue the theme today. If you love this twist on the French manicure as much as I do, keep reading to find out how I’d analyse each element from an onychomancy perspective.

The most striking thing about this set is that the tips aren’t classic white, but a deep metallic silvery-gold, almost like pyrite which is a stone of luck and prosperity:

So these tips definitely channel the “rich woman energy” Az was going for.

The other element of this manicure we need to discuss is that index finger accent nail! The index fingers represent Jupiter, the god of abundance, luck, and the expansion of consciousness. In onychomancy and palmistry we look to the Jupiter fingers to understand the person’s relationship with their intellect, philosophy, and personal growth, amongst other things. The strength of the accented Jupiter nails here definitely call in the “masterful, bountiful opportunities” Az is looking for, and they may be quite Jupiterian in nature when they do arise.

The Jupiter accents also reinforce the almost perfect circles created by the nude nail beds – remember, round nails are Air in element, and emphasize intellect, strategy, and diplomacy. This is the nail shape most commonly worn by wealthy women, as discussed in my Air nails post.

To break down the symbolism of this accent nail further: We see here a crescent, a dot, and a gold circle with a black dot inside that looks to me like an eclipse. The crescent and dot in Eastern symbolism represents the vastness of space and illusion (yin) encircling a single point of consciousness and clarity (yang).

The crescent and dot combined with the “eclipse” accent tells me perhaps Az can expect breakthroughs in her desired “rich woman energy” come eclipse season. In North America there will be a lunar eclipse visible on November 29, 2020, and in the Southern hemisphere there will be a solar eclipse on December 14, 2020. So that’s one possible timeline.

Or if the sheer strength of this manicure draws in the shifts required to achieve her goals before then, like in the next couple weeks when this manicure will be strongest, then we can expect the changes to occur suddenly and dramatically, like an eclipse! Az, please keep us posted 🙂

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