Suffering & Sacrifice Are Unnecessary

Audny Apeiron is a writer, explorer & syncretist of esoteric teachings. We recently debuted her first essay on and were so heartened by everyone’s warm feedback! We hope you enjoy this 2nd essay.

The Universe was created for (Divine) play. Some may cynically ask, “Whose play?” The answer is God’s. 

This begs the question of Free Will and if it truly exists. The answer to this is also yes, Free Will exists because the Law of Karma exists. Another cynic may ask, “So you mean to tell me that we will be punished for not choosing the plan of the Supreme?’ and the answer to that is yet another question, “Don’t all games have rules and penalisations for breaking those rules?” Is it not easier to win a game by knowing its rules? 

The biggest hurdle man must overcome is his own mind. The doubts, lies and vain imaginings of doom that we create. We must overcome thought, because thought springs out of us continuously as material/matter around us. This is the same way the Universe was brought into being, through thought of the Supreme Will- God. As we are made in his image and likeness, we too create in the same manner as God: mentally. 

It is an old myth that the “apple” Adam and Eve ate was really the tree of Maya (Illusion) and so they hallucinated two powers – good and evil. I won’t argue if the myth has any basis in fact, but the truth of the matter is, that whatever we believe to be true, is true. Fact and truth are different. It’s a fact that the sky is blue but I may not be able to see the colour blue & the sky appears grey to me- this is the truth. 

Dwelling on good, materialises good – today we call this manifestation, but everything we experience is a manifestation. Dwelling on evil, brings only evil and calamity our way. In knowing this you will then realise that all truths are only half-truths and all lies are only half-lies, as whatever a person believes in is in fact the truth, for the believer. This is why arguing is a waste of both parties’ time and often comes to nought. No one has to see anything your way, but you.

So, accept this truth if you no longer wish to suffer: the universe is but a thought, a dream, a matrix; it is not the Supreme Being. It is not God, it is God’s Mental Projection. Therefore nothing is “real” but God, the Supreme Being from which all life flows mentally; we and all things around us are merely projections of the mind of God. So should we not play the game? Should we not dance to the tune of the divine drum?

Recently a voice note that I sent my closest confidante (@Kikimancy) was shared with beautiful imagery with the title God Wants You To Be Rich:

This concept was expectedly met with resistance as it is Human Nature to cling to suffering as a badge of honour. But there is no purpose for suffering. It is something that happens due to wickedness, evil, and wrong thought due to lack of knowledge. There is no merit in how much pain one can endure. So I ask you, is it not better to actualise life through pleasure than through suffering? 

This will beg the question: why then do so many innocent people suffer? Why are there people born into poverty? The answer for this is simple. We mirror the universe, and planets orbit suns. If a universe of suffering is created then people will orbit/ inhabit it until the sun (the source) of its creation is destroyed. This is why when we graduate from being sheep to being shepherds it is important to find new sheep to look after so that we can raise them up and empower them to break free from the cyclical nature of suffering. As the old saying goes, misery loves company, suffering begets more suffering. 

Life begets life. 

This brings us to the topic of sacrifice and the fact that all sacrifice is now unnecessary. In today’s churches we see and hear a lot of preaching about sacrifice and toil. I call them Ragged Road Gospels, lol. If we focus on the person, Jesus, we will quickly realise that no more sacrifice needs to be done or given to attain what we want. Christ says, “I have come so that you may have life, and have it more abundantly.” Abundantly here is all-encompassing security. This is wealth, and security for the generations that spring from you (life). It is not just spiritual liberation, it is life in all forms, physical, spiritual and mental. If you are a Believer then you ought to believe that Christ not only died for the sins of EVERYONE in the world but also that he was the last sacrifice, “lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world,” as proclaimed by John the Baptist. 

Some of you may not be familiar with this as it is now ancient history, but back then priests would sacrifice two lambs to rid the sins of their nation, village, city etc. One lamb would be slaughtered to God’s pleasing and the other would have the sins of the inhabitants pronounced upon it and set into the wilderness to take the sins of the people away and die. Jesus Christ serves as both lambs, the sacrificial lamb- when he was crucified and the lamb that takes our sins away into the wilderness when he himself journeyed into the wilderness (the desert) and resisted temptation on our behalf so that we would not have to resist temptation anymore. This will be discussed in another essay: how non-resistance may ransom your life. 

Now, this is not to say do not make offerings to God; there is a large difference between a sacrifice and an offering.

A sacrifice is anything that will put your God-given security at risk. An offering is something you feel moved to give to God joyfully and worry-free. I say this because it is a big lie that we can only give money and that we can only give to a church or religious figure, etc. Or that we ought not to give at all if we do not belong to such an establishment. God delights in us taking care of each other. It is written (Proverbs 19) that when we are gracious to the poor we LEND to God. The word lend implies there is a pay-back for it, always in multitudes, because God is a Multiplier. These offerings mean far more to God than money does. God does not want your money. He has no use for it. He desires that we show His love to all of those around us. It is why the only commandment that stands today is to love each other as the Lord has loved us. Love is the entirety of the Law and its currency is higher than any power we give to paper or the new age mental money (crypto etc.) 

This rule alone will help you navigate the game we are all in more successfully than manipulations or deceit ever could. The most important thing that I desired to say to you today is that nothing truly has the power to affect you outside of God – but what illusions we create through thought. The thoughts that we have of others and for ourselves that are good, are of the Divine Mind to unfold the Divine Design of our lives. It is written that He knows all that is to happen – this does not mean that failure or defeat has been written into your life, but the script for each choice that we make is. 

Some things are “fate” encounters or happenings of fate, but our response to fate is what generates free will and is what decides which script will be issued. This is why even Diviners, Mystical Readers & the like tell you that your future can change at any point – depending on the choices you make. Why not choose the script of The Divine Design and evade unnecessary suffering?


Say audibly: {God, Supreme Being/ Power, The All- whatever you refer to God as} I come boldly to the throne of grace to ask that the Divine Design of my life comes to manifestation. Let the genius within me be released. Allow me to see your Perfect Plan for my life unfold. May I walk always in Glory and Grace and always be under Divine Inspiration.

{You can close with, In Jesus’ name. Amen.}

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