The Blood Moon Eclipse: An Astrology Guide


Eclipse Season is the bringer of sudden change.
Whatever has been in the in the spotlight of our consciousness makes way for the emergence of the stealth impulses formerly obscured by our own shadows.
So it’s fitting that my personal eclipse season would involve surprising myself with a snap decision to go public with my astrology and palmistry readings.
In this post, I’ll share helpful excerpts from the Blood Moon Eclipse custom astrology readings I did recently, as well as how you might best channel the current astrological energy in your own life. Plus details on some near-future magic offerings!



In last week’s post, A Witch’s Internet Guide to Magic, I talked about my early encounters with the esoteric arts.
Publishing that post led to me landing a contract writing astrology posts for a spirituality website.
Which gave me the inspiration and courage to offer some free readings on Twitter!
This eclipse build-up has been erratic and taxing, and I felt that some channeled cosmic guidance might be helpful for the folks in my social media spheres.
And sure enough, my free readings were booked within an hour.
So I set about creating the reports right away and got them sent out. And I’ve already received some very excited responses!
First, here’s a peek at the table of contents:


She’s a little bit psychedelic, a little bit editorial. A lot a bit practical magic 🙂
As I sat down to create my first reading, I lit some Bali sandalwood incense and set my intentions:
To provide specific and actionable information based on each individual’s birth chart, their current astrological transits (where the planets and asteroids are currently in relation to their birth chart), and the direction of their transits for the next month.
To hold space for and provide a mirror to each individual’s own inner work.
The first section, the Astrological Landscape, provides some key planetary aspects that are occurring right now:
– Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 4° Aquarius July 27 afternoon (for USA)
– Eclipse conjunct Mars Retrograde in Aquarius and square Uranus (the ruler of Aquarius)
– Sun square Uranus
Not to mention 4 planets in retrograde. Mars Retrograde has us doing a lot of inner work around dealing (or not dealing) with conflict, aggression, building, and pioneering. Uranus is the god of surprises and quantum leaps. And Aquarius rules technology, society as a whole and our utopian ideals.
So the general energy is disruptive, chaotic, and electric.
There is a lot of frustrated tension seething beneath the surface – conflicts that need to be aired out but are, for now, still being hashed out internally.
On a bad day this looks like beating yourself up or punching down … or laterally. On a good day this looks like a leveling up of personal warrior vibe and strengthening alliances.
We’re seeking and preparing for quantum leaps on every conceivable level.
We’re holding our collective breath before diving into a quantum shift of consciousness, especially around where our species is ideally headed.
In the “Current Possibilities” section, I described what was likely happening in the person’s life based on their transits.
Transits are the positions of the planets and asteroids in relation to the person’s natal chart elements. So based on their transits I offered a list of the most likely energies, dynamics, and manifestations occurring in their life surrounding Eclipse Season.
And in the “Guidance” section, I looked at their most challenging transits and aspects and offered practical advice based on what they would most likely find stabilizing and supportive.
For example, to a Leo Rising, Gemini moon who is currently experiencing a hard Moon-Saturn aspect, I suggested dealing with stress by skipping the spa and instead planning a “data download” weekend of 100% new media and educational material, ideally while nude sunbathing.
And the general guidance I offered everyone is applicable to you as well:
Don’t force anything. There are too many retrograde planets to be busting big moves.
The Eclipse will bust whatever is ready to be busted right now.
What you can control is committing to your own grounding practices and getting clear on your ideals.
Clear as much space as possible in your life, because you can count on making big concrete moves, experiencing massive change, and/or harvesting the fruits of your labor by late August.
A week ago I honestly wouldn’t have imagined that in a matter of days I’d be doing custom readings over the internet.
And now here I am, announcing a late-August launch of my esoteric services. But it makes perfect sense, since I’ve been a witch for at least one lifetime and doing readings in this lifetime for 20 years. It’s honestly about time I next-leveled my practice. This is so in line with the astro right now that I don’t even know why I’m surprised. That’s Eclipse Season for you.
I’m really happy about the feedback I’m getting on these readings so far:
“Wow! This is so spot on and encouraging. Happy to know my spool isn’t completely unraveling. Your quick portrait nailed me to a T. For the past few months I’ve been hesitant to take the next big leap that will push me further in my practice and my art. I was drowning in self doubt.
But the past few days I’ve been showered with an abundance of synchronicities, collimating with your wonderful reading that ‘proves’ to me that I’m on the right path and that the universe knows how to speak to me in ways that I trust and understand.
I am SO HAPPY right now. Thank you!!!! Thank you so much. Extremely on-point and enlightening. But more than that, I now feel emboldened to take the steps I need to bring my world into focus.”
So rad! And! I’ll be announcing a few more free or discounted readings on social media in the coming weeks to prepare for my launch – I’m thinking some fun ones like:
  • Babe Magic readings, which will include astrologically-aligned beauty rituals, customized charms and glamour spells, and a gorgeous digital altar in honor of your unique beauty, aesthetic, and pleasure principles.
  • Inner Child readings, where we look at the transits of your formative years and create a gameplan for the coming season on how to spoil yourself and introduce you to your inner demon, aka your inner child’s shadow self (yep – the levels keep leveling lol)
  • Alien Intervention readings, in which we’ll explore your extraterrestrial and extradimensional origins via your natal chart and download Earthly life advice from your intergalactic soul family, as translated by your higher self.
So be sure to follow me on Twitter and Instagram if you’re interested in any of those.

I’ll likely only be offering 2 or 3 of each of these readings prior to the launch.

And of course you can subscribe to my blog here if you want me to email you when the launch date is official.
So what’s going on with you? What surprises has eclipse season brought to your doorstep? Where do you think you’ll be by late August?
Leave a note in the comments or feel free to email me anonymously. I love talking to fellow magic babes.

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