Utilising the Law of Prosperity

“Let there be peace within my walls and prosperity within my palaces.”

– Catherine Ponder

You can say all the affirmations you’d like, do all the manifestation you’d like but until you practise The Law of Prosperity you will always have to actively be doing something to receive what is already yours.

Those of my readers who follow Christ might be familiar with the scripture in Matthew in which Jesus says that those of us who practise Lawlessness will not enter Heaven. He says that He will say, He does not know you no matter what deeds you perform in His name. He says only those who do what the Father of the Trinity wants will be granted access – what he wants is the practise of His Laws.

This should bring contemplations to the mind of my astrologer readers of Saturn’s exaltation being in Libra, in Vishakha (the desire of which is to gain the Greatest Splendour amongst the Gods, with its result being fruit to Harvest)- a worship inducing nakshatra with Jupiter at its Vimshottari Lord.

The first thing I want you to accept is that money is God in manifestation – that is because God is without limit and money allows its holder to be limitless. The notion of this will disturb a few, but that is good, because it is also written (in apocrypha) that upon knowing the Truth you will be disturbed and out of disturbance, wonder will take over you, and how rapturous is wonder?

However, this fact should not disturb you anymore than the acceptance that Beauty (Order) is God in manifestation. Rejection of a thing causes it to reject you. Saying money does not matter and things like this will cause it to evade you, because money is an entity – it has feelings. It is also a “servant,” meaning it is to come when you call it to you and is not to be abused else it will soon depart from you once again.

So many people desire and long for money but are rejecting it unknowingly in their everyday lives. This is because they are prepared to fail. You can only have what you are ready to have. So many people say these affirmations and then speak in the wrong manner and thus neutralise their affirmations – this is the cyclical nature of defeat in life.

The minute we ask for something in accordance to Divine Will, we IMMEDIATELY receive it in the Spirit/ Unseen Realm. That thing then takes time – could be seconds, minutes, hours, sometimes days or months – before materialising on the physical realm. This is why I stress to all those that I have helped the power of Gratitude. Gratitude is a Law that falls right under the Law of Prosperity.

Take for example the story of Jesus healing the lepers, and only 1 of the 10 of them came back to say thank you – Jesus further blessed that man and made him WHOLE. Leprosy causes you to lose parts of your body. A simple thank you caused his body to regenerate – this is possible because we cannot truly lose anything that belongs to us and so this facilitated Occult Healing. Gratitude alone produces the miraculous. All the other lepers were healed yes, but none were restored to perfection.

It is the same as this: if you are $10,000 in debt and poor and I give you $10,000 and tell you to wipe out your debt, are you not still poor? Only debt-free. We should not desire to be only debt-free, but to be perfectly prosperous too. If you were to come back and show earnest gratitude, I would be likely moved to give you even more money – therefore adding to your wealth, so not only eradicating your debt but also imparting to you a portion of wealth. Is that not better?

Therefore, give thanks always, give thanks daily for whatever prosperity you have, large or small because it is in gratitude your heart is softened and barns are filled. 

There is a supply for every demand here on Earth. God is an Infinite Supply and an Infinite Giver. Ask yourself, how much water can you steal from the Ocean? Bearing in mind, that even the ocean is of finite supply; how much more is God? To whom all things belong to.

So upon asking for what you want, immediately give thanks and continue to give thanks until it materialises on this plane. Affirmations are especially important to repeat AFTER having asked for a thing. Your manifestations/ what you ask for in prayer materialises quicker and quicker each time without issues when you reprogram your subconscious to think in the right manner. Before doing this, there will likely be enemies from the inside that will materialise outwardly as an opportunity for you to defeat them and be free of the lesson that particular adversity is trying to teach you – this is what is meant by “It is darkest before the dawn.” 

You must also erase the notion that anyone is against you – no one is against you but yourself. Whatever you believe is what will materialise before you. Even when going to places where you know you may be discriminated against for whatever reason, affirm that you are identified in love (UNION) with all the people at that place and they will all come together (unite) with you to help in your special matter. This is also a wonderful affirmation for bullied or ostracised children (to which I can personally attest to its effectiveness, as I began utilising it at the age of seventeen).  

Lastly, begin giving. 

I do not mean giving to a church or establishment of worship, no, not at all. The best manner in which to give is in secret – meaning not broadcasted, else the praise you receive from it will be the whole of your reward. God loves those who give to the poor, cheerfully. It is written, in 2 Corinthians that He makes all GRACE abound towards a giver at all times, having more than they need, prospering in every good work. As it is written – he who scatters his gifts about the poor, their tzedakah (righteousness, charity) will last forever. It goes on to say that givers will be enriched in everything – so that they can be generous in everything. This is because random acts of kindness make even least spiritual of people say “Thank God.” The Lord loves gratitude, as explored above. 

This perhaps begs the question of how much a person should give when they begin giving. A tenth of a tenth is enough to begin with – so 1% of your increase/income, increasing in tenths as your desire to give increases. Many lies about giving have been propagated by the Shepherds of the Earth out of their own greed and it has done more harm than good as we now have people of a scarcity mindset unable to give even the smallest amount to someone with even less than themselves.

The beautiful thing about this concept is that you can start from anywhere; if your entire income is $1000, giving away $100 is a big deal especially if you yourself are not yet in a stable position and lack the faith to do this, but giving $10 (1%) to someone with less than you, cheerfully and worry-free will reap a much bigger reward that giving away $100 and worrying about it. 

The Law of tithing (giving 10%) was only for the Jews in any event, as only the Levite Priests were to collect the Tithe. Any establishment pushing you to give away 10% of your income, is no place to be. They KNOW it is wrong and not for them to receive. In giving to those with LESS than ourselves – cheerfully – God gives it back to us in multitudes. 

This Book of the Law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do according to all that is written in it. For then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have good success. Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.

Joshua 1:8-9

This is the 3rd in a series of guest essays by Audny Apeiron, writer, explorer & syncretist of esoteric teachings. Please enjoy her other works, “Must We Experience Karma?” and “Suffering & Sacrifice Are Unnecessary.

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