Year of the Pig Tarot Reading

We have entered the prosperous and grounded energy of the Year of the Pig. Today’s @pizzawitchcards tarot message: Mind your business. Focus on your health. Health is wealth.
The serpent represents health. Fun facts: The symbolism of the snake and healing comes from the mythological Rod of Asclepius, the Greek god of healing. It’s used by 62% of professional healthcare associations in the US, while 76% of commercial healthcare organizations use the Cadeceus (which features two snakes around a winged rod), the symbol of Hermes – the god of commerce. No kidding.

Ramen noodles represents worrying about money. Don’t waste your precious resources on anything that’s not actually gonna nourish you. Hint: Thinking dysfunctional thoughts about money won’t actually nourish you. I’m not saying you’re wrong to be stressed. I’m just pointing out how money works.
Straight-up asking for money, asking for a raise, pitching clients, putting your creative works out there, promoting yourself on social media, practicing your craft, those are things that make money, regardless of how you or I or anyone feels about the grim realities of capitalism.
Poach some eggs and add extra spice to your ramen noodles and ponder: have you truly made best possible use of the resources that you do have? Have you taken inventory recently? My bf and I joke about having a talent for surprising ourselves with fabulous feasts whenever we think we actually have nothing in the fridge.
Do you fully appreciate all of your internal and external resources? Do they all truly add value to your life? If you’re dusting it, it better be paying rent. Go full Konmari on your resources, physical and ephemeral.
The Abyss represents a crisis. The only way out is through. It’s the mess we have to sort through in order to access clarity and wellness and increased functionality on the other side.
It’s making a mess of your digestive system for years through the trial and error of mainstream food dysfunction and lack of access and lack of skills/guidance and attempting different dietary paradigms before finally figuring out what works for you personally.
I for one am very Done with New Age spiritual guides who tweet nutrition advice like “Animal products lower your vibration.” Speak for your damn self. Health is deeply personal. Beware of any one-size-fits-all approach. My animal-fueled vibration is off the charts tbh. 
The Abyss is a series of dysfunctional relationships that, if nothing else, finally wise you up to your own innate value as a magical multidimensional energy body in a heartachingly beautiful and unique mammalian vessel living in an improbably lush Garden of Eden hurling itself through the abyss of space around an ancient star. 
You deserve no less than to be treated as the precious gem that you are. 
According to Merriman Webster, a crisis is “the turning point for better or worse in an acute disease or fever.” What in your life is at a turning point at this moment and how does your personal narrative show up as a fractal of the greater collective patterns you are a part of?
I’m reminded of the JFK quote, “When written in Chinese, the word crisis is composed of two characters. One represents danger and the other represents opportunity.” He was actually incorrect. The Chinese word for crisis, wēijī, more accurately translates as a dangerous moment where one should be especially wary.
Not everything that kills you makes you stronger (I’m talking to you, bootstrap-obsessed US-ians). It is okay to admit that something is dangerous and a threat that needs to be eliminated or avoided at all costs. Are you being real with yourself about what elements of your life are actually draining you? Mars is conjunct Uranus: what needs to change yesterday?
I had a lightbulb moment in the last year shifting my perspective on trust issues. The healing occurred when I realized that I can absolutely trust myself and the universe *while* trusting humans, myself included, to be human. I spent a lot of time essentially expecting life to treat me as poorly as some individuals have treated me and that only blocked me, fractal of the universe, from accessing my own power as a channel through which the creative universe flows.
Some premises:
1. Self trust (different from self reliance that never asks for help) is an essential component to emotional health.
2. You can’t argue about what you need. You simply need it.
3. You can’t not want something that you want.
Trust in the universe is asking for what you need, and believing that you deserve it and that you should receive it. If the people around you aren’t willing to give it to you – through their own dysnfunctions, dramas, and investment in systemic oppressions – that isn’t proof that *the universe is inherently dangerous* or that *you are undeserving*.
Someone’s lack of ability or desire to give you what you need is simply evidence that you need to surround yourself with new people. With the ones whose desires, priorities, and values complement your own.
Speaking of surrounding ourselves with new people, let’s talk some big Year of the Pig-themed priorities: WHAT on Earth are we going to collectively do about the 26 billionaires who are currently hoarding half the world’s wealth? Seriously. What are we going to physically do?? Cuz they sure aren’t going to redistribute their stolen wealth voluntarily. Is forming underground, small-scale economies not based on oil or gold our next best option to actual wealth redistribution?
I saw Marianne Williamson (Oprah’s spiritual advisor) is putting $100 billion in reparations for slavery on her 2020 presidential campaign. A fraction of what’s needed but wow. This is just the beginning. I’m curious to know your thoughts. Much love.
– Kiki

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