Ever wonder what it means when you break a nail?

The Ancient Art of Onychomancy in the Modern World

Comprehensive Guide to Divination of the Nails & Manicures

Our nails, whether natural or adorned, are a microcosm of our multidimensional energy bodies. By studying the esoteric significance of each nail and each part of the nail, we can gain nuanced insight about the state of our consciousness in real time.

Learn how to practice my style of onychomancy in this 10,000+ word illustrated guide for beginners, which answers the following questions:​

  • What Do Nails Have to Do With Chakras, Planets, and Astrology?
  • How to Read ANYONE’s Energy By Studying Their Nail Anatomy: The Meaning of Cuticles, Lunulas, Nail Plate, Quicks, and the Free Edge 
  • The Meaning of Your Broken Nails – Your Body Is Trying to Tell You Something! 
  • What Your Natural Nail Shape Says About Your Personality 
  • How Short, Medium, and Long Nails Affect Your Psychic Abilities 
  • Why Acrylics AREN’T “Just Pieces of Plastic” & the Meaning Of Your Favorite Manicure Shapes
  • Why Your Nails Won’t Grow and How To Grow Them…Fast
  • And much more!​
  • Bonus! A free printable page from my upcoming onychomancy coloring book study guide

You will receive a bundle of 3 files so you can choose the most convenient format for you: the full-color grimoire-style edition, the black and white printable edition, and the Mobi file compatible with most e-readers.


Explorations In Onychomancy

Field Notes from the Frontier of Nail & Manicure Divination

I am so excited to announce the much anticipated sequel to my original guide to nail divination, The Ancient Art of Onychomancy. Please join me on an EPIC QUEST exploring a huge range of topics including:

  • The esoteric qualities of the most POPULAR MANICURE STYLES, from lipstick nails to glass nails and more
  • The meat of the book: An entire chapter of FULL LENGTH nail readings, from readers like yourself, as well as Jeffrey Epstein, FKA twigs, Megan Thee Stallion, and more
  • The meanings of 6 different shades of PINK NAILS (to make up for the last book omitting pink nails entirely)!
  • An introduction to MEDICAL NAIL READING, and more examples of common nail problems
  • An American Aboriginal introduction to the 4 Elements courtesy of ESOTERIC PIONEER and healer anu omni
  • Step-by-step exercises you can follow along with to learn how I break down EVERY detail of a nail reading from start to finish
  • Bonus! A free printable page from my upcoming onychomancy coloring book study guide

I hope you love EXPLORATIONS IN ONYCHOMANCY and have a blast charting out your own unseen terrains as you take what you’ve learned into your daily life. Onychomancy may be an ancient art, but in each moment of divinatory practice we continue to explore the outer reaches, create new maps, and advance the field – the quantum field!


Want Both?

"The Ancient Art of Onychomancy" & "Explorations In Onychomancy"

Master nail reading with the bundle of BOTH books:

  • The Ancient Art of Onychomancy: Comprehensive Guide to the Divination of Nails & Manicures, perfect for beginners
  • Explorations in Onychomancy: Field Notes from the Frontier of Nail & Manicure Divination, for more seasoned practitioners
  • Original PDF & e-reader file formats included
  • Bonus! A free printable page from my upcoming onychomancy coloring book study guide


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Kikimancy | Nail Reading, Divination, Onychomancy
Average rating:  
 19 reviews
by Lashanda on Kikimancy | Nail Reading, Divination, Onychomancy

couldn’t believe the similarities in the natural nail shapes she described and the similarities in my own life. The wide nails (mine) are related to yang/fire energy and my tropical chart is allll fire🤯and her section on nail biting hit home for me too, and short nails in general. I feel like I do subconsciously bite them to curb anxiety and keep myself grounded. Unreal. Recommend!

by Viktória Éva on Kikimancy | Nail Reading, Divination, Onychomancy
Fantastic reads

These ebooks are great if you love to learn new things! All the information is gathered in a compact, but also entertaining way. I will go back to them if anything happens to my nails and also when it’s time for a new manicure! I especially enjoyed the celebrity nail readings.

by Ash on Kikimancy | Nail Reading, Divination, Onychomancy
Confidence and fun!

I’ve bought both books, and along with the nail break guide I have referenced them everyday since purchase. It has influenced my own manicures and given me insight on the women I come in contact with.

The books have made experimenting with my nails so much fun and given me the confidence to try designs I wouldn’t have before.

I especially like that Kiki encourages us to use our nails as a manifestation tool. Total life hack and something I live by. This has been some of the best money I have spent in a while. 10/10 would recommend.

by CapucineF on Kikimancy | Nail Reading, Divination, Onychomancy

After reading the first book, I jumped on the release of the second, and have been fascinated by the storytelling, the examples, the thrill of manicures paired with external and internal events. This was a great read! Thank you for your creation!

by hannah on Kikimancy | Nail Reading, Divination, Onychomancy
Excited for more!!!

I bought OITMW a few months ago after I started noticing interesting patterns in the way my natural nails would break and chip. I’m big on symbology and had been wanting to buy myself a copy of this guide so I happily succumbed to my longing! It’s such a fun and truly informative read and a great reference- I love pulling my copy out of it’s drawer to flip through when I’m struck by inspiration or a realization. I’m so looking forward to Explorations in Onychomancy, I love reading all the info that Kiki shares 🙂

by Capucine F on Kikimancy | Nail Reading, Divination, Onychomancy
Thank Godess for this book

Reading this book, even as a non-manicured person, gave me the opportunity to meet my fingers, create a connection with each one and each couple of fingers, to re-meet my hands (I’m a Reiki Master, those are my work allies ) and my nails, as powerful auxiliaries to understanding the world around me, how the world and I co-exist and converse unconsciously. I’m so excited for the second book!

by Melissa on Kikimancy | Nail Reading, Divination, Onychomancy

Personally, I believe that one of the most amazing gifts/talents a person can hold is to have the ability to tell a story or speak in a way that can capture the attention of a wide audience. Kiki has that gift and this book showcases her talent beautifully! I always always always refer to this book when determining my next manicure because it is such a great feeling to get your nails done with intention. I literally tell everyone I know about this book at some point because I appreciate that Kiki doesn’t just speak to speak, every word in this book has intention and the research has been DONE. Period.

by Kristina on Kikimancy | Nail Reading, Divination, Onychomancy
Fun & Informative

I loved this ebook! It was a fun casual read but filled with lots of background and history on nails. A lot of the themes discussed fit my own personal experience in regards to nail shape/length.

by Grace on Kikimancy | Nail Reading, Divination, Onychomancy
The longer the nail the closer to God!

I learned so much from Kikimancy’s teachings on nail divination!! My biggest takeaway (and I know I’ll have more as I continue to revisit this book) is to trust in the upkeep and colors and length that my nails desire to be in at different points in my life! I’ve found that when I need to be more grounded I cut my nails down and have them land at the heart chakra length, other times I love letting them grow out naturally to tap into my intuition and higher consciousness (3rd eye and crown chakra)!! Love this as a resource. Thank you so much for this gift of a book!!!

by Christy on Kikimancy | Nail Reading, Divination, Onychomancy
Wonderful current resource!

I have studied palmistry for a little while, and have run across onychomancy information along the way. But none of it has been as current and up to date, incorporating modern day trends the way that this book does. This is a wonderful resource that I will continue to refer back to!

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