◭ ◇ ✧ Have you ever wondered what it means when you break a nail? ✧ ◇ ◮

The Ancient Art of Onychomancy in the Modern World

Comprehensive Guide to Divination of the Nails & Manicures

Our nails, whether natural or adorned, are a microcosm of our multidimensional energy bodies. By studying the esoteric significance of each nail and each part of the nail, we can gain nuanced insight about the state of our consciousness in real time.

Learn how to practice my style of onychomancy in this 10,000+ word illustrated guide, which answers the following questions:

✦ What Do Nails Have to Do With Chakras, Planets, and Astrology? (page 7)

How to Read ANYONE's Energy By Studying Their Nail Anatomy: The Meaning of Cuticles, Lunulas, Nail Plate, Quicks, and the Free Edge (page 10)

✦ The Meaning of Your Broken Nails - Your Body Is Trying to Tell You Something! (page 12)

✦ What Your Natural Nail Shape Says About Your Personality (page 26)

✦ How Short, Medium, and Long Nails Affect Your Psychic Abilities (page 30)

✦ Why Acrylics AREN'T "Just Pieces of Plastic" & the Meaning Of Your Favorite Manicure Shapes (page 33)

Why Your Nails Won't Grow and How To Grow Them...Fast (page 41)

And much more!

You will receive 2 PDFs: the full-color grimoire-style edition, as well as a black and white printable edition.

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Kikimancy | Nail Reading, Divination, Onychomancy
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
by Mika on Kikimancy | Nail Reading, Divination, Onychomancy
Good Read

The information was very insightful but also keeping a simplistic style to it.

by Z.B on Kikimancy | Nail Reading, Divination, Onychomancy
Fascinating guide to a different kind of divination.

This was a really scintillating read that presents some new and interesting (or rather, ancient & amazing,) methods of divination, holistic wellness and intention setting.

by julia on Kikimancy | Nail Reading, Divination, Onychomancy

onychomancy resources are few and far between and this book is an amazing resource!!! ive never come across anything like it. it’s inspired me to prioritize nail care and to switch up my manicures more often/according to what i feel i need at that moment in time! the link to astrological concepts and chakras is also very insightful!

by Shad on Kikimancy | Nail Reading, Divination, Onychomancy
Loved it!!

I’ve been a fan of Kikimancy’s posts about nails and their meanings but I never realised how deep the art of Onychomancy delves. This ebook contains information that I’ve found NOWHERE ELSE. I find myself refering to its themes in so many aspects of my life, from how i analyze new people to choosing my own manicures. 10/10 would recommend

by Madi on Kikimancy | Nail Reading, Divination, Onychomancy
Kiki is a pioneer and a WRITER!

this book is incredibly well laid out, the information is very detailed yet so easy to digest. with this guide, you will truly have the tools to read what message your nails are conveying to yourself & others. this is wonderful to get further in touch with yourself, to curate your manicure and draw in those energies & support you need from time to time, and to show the world how you demand to be seen. i think that’s powerful. Miss Kiki is leading the way with her brand of Onychomancy, factoring in acrylics and nail designs and stiletto nail shapes. everything in this book is presented with love, and it is a resource i will

return to time and time again.

by Katrina on Kikimancy | Nail Reading, Divination, Onychomancy

Honestly I had no idea this was even a possibility but it connected so many dots for me and I reference this book at least once a week since I got it. I can’t recommend it enough!

by Ray on Kikimancy | Nail Reading, Divination, Onychomancy

I adored this book! Kiki’s advice was all spot on & from something as simple as changing my nails from squoval (which I had been doing since 2015) to almond made such a huge difference in my mood & dealings with others immediately! I refer to this book every week to see what my nails are saying to me as it was also revealed to me that there were issues I was suppressing/ avoiding facing that Kiki & this book helped me to look at directly & overcome

by Rylie on Kikimancy | Nail Reading, Divination, Onychomancy

The info in this ebook you won’t find anywhere else. It will be useful to you no matter what your level of interest is in onychomancy, and Kiki connects nail readings to astrology, chakras, numerology, etc., so you’re bound to find a modality that you resonate with in this book. And even if you’re not interested in any of that, it can still help you interpret what nail breaks mean for you, or to help you choose your nail color more intentionally in order to manifest things into your life. I find myself referencing it often. Very highly recommend!

by Fa on Kikimancy | Nail Reading, Divination, Onychomancy
Best eBook purchase!

Honestly, just from my tweets alone it should be no surprise how i feel about this awesome book! I read/reference it any time something happens to my nails, or when I plan out my next manicure! A great way to align your adornment to what you want to manifest/hone in on what you want to create in your life. Couldn’t recommend this book more!!

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