Circle of Beauty Bundle

An Initiation Into Womanhood:
Video & Ebook Bundle

  • 90-minute Video Lecture & Initiation Ceremony
  • 20-page E-book with 6 Meditations & 4 Elemental Rites

This bundle contains the video & e-book for the CIRCLE OF BEAUTY: Initiation Into Womanhood, a 90-minute event organized by Audny Apeiron & Ki Lunula. The e-book is 20 pages and contains 6 powerful meditations and 4 elemental rites that we consider essential knowledge for women who wish to be initiated into the mysteries of what we refer to as Yin Esoterica.

Recently we’ve talked a LOT in the Slow Beauty Lounge, my private Twitter Community, about how many of us did not receive a formal rite of passage at the end of our girlhoods. Many of us watched our mothers and other women struggle, stunting not just our perception of womanhood but also our development. 

Audny and I decided to create the INITIATION that we wish we had received, focusing on the BEAUTY of our most empowered selves. Highly recommend reading Audny’s recent post about the purpose of Initiation in one’s life. 

Learn how to call upon the elemental forces of nature in order to enhance & become grounded in your beauty, femininity, and genuine confidence. Join us in the liminal ritual space of mystery, sisterhood, rite & prayer, and return to your life as your most empowered and magnetic self.

While the book contains all the information presented in the Circle of Beauty video, we do recommend purchasing BOTH so you can see & hear us demonstrate all the techniques. Also, the book contains one bonus meditation that we did not have time to cover during the live event.

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Circle of Beauty Reviews

Slow Beauty Immersion

Private Health & Beauty Forum

If you love diving deep into esoteric health & beauty topics, you’re in the right place. We discuss everything from nutrition to fertility, personal style to dream analysis, perfumes to ancestral memory – and much much more. We don’t offer medical advice but we do share our personal healing journeys in depth.

The vibe and camaraderie in this forum is magical – on top of connecting with kindred spirits you also gain access to other bonuses like access to my private Twitter Community, exclusive videos made by yours truly, private readings and rituals, posts from guest teachers, the Library of Mysteries, and more.

If you just want to join the Twitter Community, you can purchase it a la carte below.

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Slow Beauty Forum Reviews

Slow Beauty Lounge

Private Twitter Community

If you want access to my private Twitter Community, but don’t necessarily want to participate in the forum, this is for you.

Twitter Communities are a new feature that combine the flexibility of the regular Timeline with the intimacy of private DMs. We can tweet directly with each other and only people who have a link to the Community can see our tweets.

There are currently about 100 of us and we talk about all things beauty, health, and wellness. This is where I tweet my uncensored thoughts that aren’t necessarily appropriate for the whole TL. 

Keep in mind that access to the Community is included in the Slow Beauty Immersion, above. I highly recommend joining the Immersion if only to gain access to all the additional resources in the forum, even if you don’t want to post yourself. 

After you checkout, please forward your receipt with your Twitter username to and give me 24 business hours to add you to the Community.


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Prosperity Circle

Ritual Video

Join Audny Apeiron & Ki Lunula in a group prosperity circle. This is a replay of a live event which you can enjoy at any time. 

Audny leads in a powerful prayer & ritual to give thanks for the prosperity already present in our lives, to bless it for multiplication, to demand an immediate supply for more prosperity, and to anchor in the frequency of prosperity so that we know exactly what to do with it when it arrives.

Kiki guides us through revocations of consent from all programs that restrict the flow of prosperity in our lives and also lights a handcrafted prosperity candle in the name of all circle participants.

Immediately upon purchasing, you will receive access to a 40-minute private, unlisted Youtube video, detailed instructions, and a surprise thank you gift. Read reviews below

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Prosperity Circle Reviews

Revocation of Consent

From the Evil Eye - Ritual Video

Listen as I explain my philosophy behind revoking consent from malicious energetic contracts and follow along as I recite my revocations in this ritual recording. Originally recorded on 2/22/2022 for the Slow Beauty Immersion forum – this video is included in your membership which you can purchase above, under Slow Beauty Immersion or The Kikimancy Experience. If you don’t want to become a forum member you can purchase below and receive direct access to the recording.

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The Kikimancy Experience

Beauty Forum, Occult Nails Bundle, Ritual Bundle

If you want Slow Beauty forum access, both nail divination e-books, The Astronychomancy Calendar, Manicures for Peace & Prosperity video & PDF, AND partake in the Circle of BeautyProsperity Circle and Revocation of Consent, this is for you.

Separately, they’re worth $159 – with the Kikimancy Experience you save $49 and get all 8 for only $111  – so you basically get Slow Beauty forum access, both e-books, Manicures for Peace & Prosperity, and The Astronychomancy Calendar for FREE 💦

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Consult with Audny Apeiron

Total Transformation: Consultation & Prayer Call

Audny Apeiron prays for and counsels you for one specific issue (any area of life) and provides counselling on how to behave after prayer & during manifestation for any duration up to an hour. She will also provide answers for the questions you have regarding the topic.

This price is per issue of concern – if you have multiple areas of concern you must book separate calls of this type for each of these.

New clients may book an Initial Consultation to determine if you wish to proceed. Read Audny’s reviews below.


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