Facial Asymmetry, Aging & “Ugliness”

The following is an excerpt from an email I sent recently – if you weren’t subscribed and missed it, you may purchase it a la carte here to read it in full.

“Physical insecurities are health indicators. Every time I even START to address the esoteric or health aspect of something about my appearance that’s bothering me, the insecurity is alleviated. Writing insecurity off as vanity is a disservice.” – @kikimancy

The right side of my face has sat slightly lower than the left side since childhood. It first started to bother me after I got braces at age 12. I had 4 teeth removed before having braces installed because my mouth was “too small” for all my teeth. By the time I got the braces taken off, my teeth looked straight from the front but my facial bone alignment got thrown off by the braces essentially pulling all my facial bones inward, giving my lower face an unnatural, recessed appearance especially in profile.

Since then my face always looked off to me, but I couldn’t pinpoint exactly why and just chalked it up to “normal” insecurity throughout my teens and early 20s. The only “solutions” I ever encountered in mainstream society were to get surgery, or to practice “self-acceptance” or “positivity” or “self-love” because beauty is “just a social construct” anyway.

All useless advice for me personally.

It wasn’t until I learned about the research of Dr. Weston Price, and more recently Dr. John Mew, that I came to understand that what was bothering me about my appearance wasn’t the fact that I didn’t match up to movie stars or whatever. It was that my facial bones were not in the correct alignment with each other needed for full functionality.

When all your bones are in correct alignment, your entire face functions better – your jaw has full range of motion without tension or TMJ, which causes the teeth to align evenly inside a fully-expanded palate, allowing your tongue to exert the correct pressure upon the mid-face, which prevents mouth breathing and sinus problems and provides support to the eye sockets preventing eyebags and forehead strain, which then allow the bones of the skull to sit in proper alignment rather than becoming constricted and causing migraines.

And the more I learn about what a functioning face and body LOOKS like, the less I believe in “ugliness” on a superficial level. Now whenever I look at someone deemed “ugly” or even “average” by society, 9 times out of 10 I can see that person just has facial bone misalignment.

The negative connotations we have with ageing are similar to ugliness, in that it’s largely caused by misalignment that worsens with time. When your face has a weak foundation due to poor tongue posture and jaw alignment, your whole face starts to not just sag on a muscular/skin level, but it actually gets LONGER looking due to the bones descending downward due to lack of support from the jaw and tongue. This is the main reason why you can tell that Madonna is much older in the picture on the right than in the one on the left even though her skin is just as smooth and tight in both pictures.

Look what happens when misalignment is corrected – the face gets shorter and more heart-shaped, the eyes look wider-set, and the length of the philstrum (the area between the nose and upper lip) gets shortened:

She did not get plastic surgery, face lifts or fillers! These are the results of facial bone realignment from @Mewing.World on Instagram, which is an online course I took a few months ago and highly recommend. (You can see her from multiple angles and more progress pics on Instagram.) The main technique is called Mewing, which is pressing the tongue against the palate to exert pressure upon the all of the facial bones from the inside out.

Mewing alone isn’t usually enough for results are dramatic as those above, especially for more complex cases or if you’re older (when your bones are more set in place) – there’s also intraoral pulling, Kappa chewing, Mackenzie chin tuck, vitamin/hormone supplementation, and more. You can look them up, take the Mewing World course, or join my forum to discuss more in depth. Here’s some of what I shared in the forum recently:

My favourite of all the techniques is combining Mackenzie chin tucks with Kappa chewing. Lately, I’ve been tucking more into the right side which is the side of my face that’s asymmetrical/lower. It’s also the side of my neck with way more tension.

I felt re-inspired to do MCT from this guy’s before/afters that kind of defy belief, but when you look at his progress pics and video on Reddit I’m convinced it’s legit and he credits HOLDING the MCT for hours a day:

I also find that keeping either my mouthguard, a Myospot or some mastic gum between my right side teeth helps with the mind-muscle connection and seems to increase the amount of pressure I feel in my mid and upper face. If you try it please lmk!

If you like this post you’ll LOVE my private beauty & wellness forum, The Slow Beauty Immersion where I share even more about all of the above. Again, all of the above is an excerpt from a long email I sent that goes more in depth into other examples, techniques, and my own experimentation. If you’d like to read it in full you can purchase it here, or apply to join my forum. Thanks for reading!


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