What Is the Plasma Apocalypse?

If you follow me on twitter you’ve probably heard me talk about the plasma apocalypse. People ask me a lot about what it is, for the historical & scientific evidence for cyclical catastrophes, and how to prepare for the next one. I’ve done my best to inform people and help them patchwork together information from various books and youtube videos, but it’s not the easiest topic to learn about in this manner.

So I am so relieved that someone else has gone to the great lengths to put together a comprehensive guide just for twitter. This series of threads by @AlanBarzinji_ covers the vast majority of information you need to understand the plasma apocalypse cycle, and the evidence & theories presented concur with most of what I’ve learned over the past few years of researching this subject. This is an invaluable resource so I reached out to Alan about archiving the threads here, in case anything happens to his page, and am so grateful that he has graciously given me permission to do so.

Without further ado –


Part 1 – The 12,000 Year Cycle

Earth enjoys long quiet eras commanded by the slow grind of wind, rain, and geology. These periods are punctuated by a reoccuring catastrophe. We’re coming to an end to one of these calm periods and a disaster is coming.


By combining a millennia of evidence, centuries of study, and today’s capabilities of technology, we can answer the challenge to explain all the evidence of earth’s disaster cycle. And we have all the tools to track the next one.


This is not meant to scare people, but to prepare for what is coming. We won’t be going over papers or the science behind the events, or the cycle, or their individual mechanisms of action, yet. We’re going to layout the timeline of events that are most expected to happen.

What Is The Timeline & Order of Events?

  1. Changes on planets, stars & Sun (1859 – now)
  2. Solar killshot (technological) (2020s/2030s)
  3. Weather, animals, the solar red & black (2030s)
  4. Solar micronova event (2030s/2040s)
  5. Shell impact, arc discharge (Within hours)
  6. Whole-planet electrical insult (minutes)
  7. Earth turns over, impactors, cold (immediate)

This timeline is pretty helpful, but only with the proper understanding of what each of them is, and its significance.

Before any of us were born, the leading edge of the galactic current sheet arrived at our solar system. It began what will finally present a 10% change in interstellar density and the galactic magnetic reversal The sun announced the arrival with a superflare.


Early solar scientists tied a massive sunspot group to a geomagnetic disaster unheard of at the time. In 1859, the early electric age was literally razed to the ground, as the Carington event solar storm surged electric current through the planet that set telegraph wires on fire.



It also induced the beginning of the modern magnetic excursion of Earth. The climate began warming, the magnetic field began weakening, the poles shifting faster and faster. It would be more than a hundred years before we realized the other planets and were changing, too.

In 2020 we learned that the sun’s coronal magnetic field were reacting, and the chemistry of its atmosphere was beginning to change. The changes we see are mostly due to Earth’s changing magnetic field and its effect on the upper atmospheric lens through which we view the sun.

The once yellow sun now looks more white at greater angles of the day. I know many who remember the look of the yellow sun. The first horseman dressed in white, wearing a crown at the top of the sky. That takes us from 1859 to today, and the big question is what happens next.

The most likely answer is that a significant solar flare, perhaps not even as great as the Carrington event, will impact Earth in the coming years as our planets magnetic field continues to weaken and will be enough to destroy the electrical age once and for all.

A big enough solar storm means every copper wire melts, buildings burn down, no power, gasoline, ATMs, banks, grocery stores, refrigeration, natural gas, heat, air conditioning, water unless you have a manual well or natural spring, factories to rebuild, and no vehicles.

With Earth’s field weakening, this is the most likely candidate to begin the next level of challenges. When the internet is a memory, you’ll have to watch the skies. You’ll have to watch nature, the animals. The more you can recognize abnormal behavior, the better.


You’ll be quite busy growing, canning, foraging, trapping and hunting for your food while battling the elements like they did before time Most of us will be in the same state as those before the industrial revolution. We’ll be dependent on nature, lucky to get what we need.



This period could last for years. If that sunspot cycle delivers that blast to Earth, we could have a decade of surviving something between the Stone age and the Bronze age.

But then one day, as the survivors are getting themselves established, those chemical changes on the sun will begin to manifest through to the visible wavelengths as the second horseman arrives and the civility of all who are left is challenged if not outright taken.

This will test people’s will, their character, and their faith. When the sun’s atmosphere completely darkens the upper corona and thw sun’s version of the Van Allen belts will be the only thing shining.

The 3rd horseman scales of justice will tip to the side of the sun. When the light & solar wind energy passes its shell through the dust, gas, and plasma of the long period recurrent solar micronova, we’ll find the final horsemen in a familiar pale hue, but hell follows with him.

The blast itself creates a titanic outburst of light across the spectrum and cosmic rays following right behind. The light arrives in 8 minutes and has the potential of burning the sun-facing region directly looking at the sun at the time.

The high energy proton cosmic ray storm that ensues will be an invsible component of the disaster as if anyone could take their eyes away from what’s coming right at us at that time.

These cosmic rays integrate with the Earth’s magnetic field and may begin the turning over of the Earth via the full planet electromagnetic insult, but before long, the actual shell arrives, and it arrives with the smallest  and most energetic parts impacting first.

A mega CME shockwave that compresses the Earth’s sun-facing fields while surging them, creating the arc discharge, others call the thunderbolt of the gods. There should also be a discharge out the other side and perhaps the poles as well


This is more than a planetary level lightning strike/discharge. It sucks water wherever it wishes and triggers huge tsunamis from that effect and from the seismicity induced by its effect on underground water, metal and crystals like Olivine, which translocates upon discharge.

This attraction to current can disrupt atmospheric density equilibrium and depressurize parts of the world, sucking down atmospheric air, instantly freezing the surface while frozen waters, glaciers & mountains of ice chunks from the poles could cascade into those same areas.


The wind will enhance the tsunamis and storms, all while volcanoes begin to go off as the electromagnetic insult unlocks the low velocity zone, induces through the large low shear velocity provinces and triggers the kick of Earth’s magnetic field through its reversal process

As the world sways like a drunkard, tilting as Einstein, Cuvier, Deluke, and according to Major White, how the Pentagon believe it will tilt, 90 degrees. Back & forth each cycle, alternating to put the poles cyclically in the same places, but in the transition, a disaster.

As the tsunamis are rolling and the Earth is tilting, the heaviest aspects of the micronova shell arrive. The impactors. Some are asteroids pushed out of normal orbit, some are plasmic forms copled and congealed from the micronova shell itself as it travels through space.

The sun has been hidden from Earth this entire time since the micronova eruption, and even after it begins to shine again, the dust from the Nova, volcanic aerosols, and water vapor produced will cloud out Earth’s atmosphere and will continue to rapidly cool the planet.


As has been the case everytime before, such as 12k yrs ago in Gothenburg, 24k yrs ago in Lake Mungo, and before in Mono Lake, LeChamp, Vostok, and Toba, humans will be left on almost every continent as though the events were attracted to unlucky areas while others were spared.


The sun will be flaring at very intense levels at this time due to the micronova shell release effect on the corona and photosphere. And the rapid ice melt due to those solar flares is what has been identified by Dr Parat & others, takes only a few weeks after that rapid cooling.

We are currently in the first stage as we described, the next up is the solar killshot, the technological disaster that collapses modern society, sending us back into survival mode. There is a very real chance of happening this sunspot cycle.

We had a number of close calls last sunspot cycle and the field is not getting any stronger In the next thread I’ll discuss safezones and how to prepare for the coming events, and answer any questions there are.

Part 2 – Animal Anomalies, Primary Risks, & How To Prepare

Animals have been behaving in very strange ways over the last few years, from thousands of racing pigeons vanishing to Elephants in China moving to higher ground.



While the articles speculated about geomagnetic storms due to solar activity, there were none. The better explanation is another kind of geomagnetic storm being to blame. Earth’s magnetic field is entering excursion, a short-term reversal of the fields, and the animals know it.

Animals and plants use the field for a number of things, such as migration, reactions, get signals to perform cellular functions and more.

It was a result of the confirmation that whales are very susceptible to the geomagnetic field changes as well as the Pacific field shift acceleration in 2017 that the unusual mortality and stranding event began. One that took place across both hot seas and cold la nina waters.


We have seen a number of unusual animal migration events, especially with the birds, and perhaps the strangest of all are the elephants in China. But is it really that strange or are they sort of prepping?

Their 500-mile trek has taken them directly away from where the North and South magnetic poles are set to meet in the Northeast Indian Ocean.


They’re moving towards high ground and away from the coast. This is not unlike the relocation of many us in these times, whether from the chaos of the cities or specifically with the magnetic excursion of Earth in mind.

If animals are storing extra food, building nests and burrows slightly differently, or prepping in their own ways, how would we even notice?

But what can we do, those who want to take action? Are you relocating, are you trying to build a like-minded community, are you gathering supplies. For those who know the severity of what’s coming, it helps to know what you can and can’t plan for.



Some things are obvious like if you see the greatest of all electromagnetic blasts from the sun, dont then go and get on a plane. If an impactor lands on your head, there isn’t much you can do. Same thing if mantle heaving or other events send your land into the sea like Atlantis

Or if you are of the unlucky fifth or so of the sun-facing side of the planet when that great solar flash occurs, it’s not even worth thinking about.

What you should be planning for is a repeat of the alternation of polar and tropical fossils in the arctic, the invasion of the land by the oceans, and the loss of most of the comforts and securities that allow our lives to play out as they do.

First and foremost, you need to be prepared for the solar killshot. This encompasses and exceeds storm readiness and earthquake readiness, and basically involves what is destined to happen someday, but is far more likely now while Earth’s magnetic field is tanking in strength.

No stores, no ATMs, no gas stations, no refrigeration, AC, heat, water from the tap, and no comms. Just you and everyone else, hungry and thirsty, quickly learning to look for the loud generators of prepared people. Don’t let that be you.

Be prepared for major hail, storms and devastating earthquakes. Storm/earthquake preparedness principles are appropriate but must be expanded to an extreme timeline. You need to have considerable food and water supplies as the power wont be back after the big one hits.

You need to have seeds, pre-industrial tools, self-defense tools and those for shelter are needed, as well as clothes for various climates as those will continue to shift more extremely. Have a plan for bugging in and out, just know your home is the best place to defend


If you can in a big city, presume you can’t. Don’t be in shellshock when something happens, do a practice run.

The hail is going to continue to break records. Simple underground options are good temporary shelters from cryo-meteors as they don’t penetrate far into the ground like a space meteor would.

Lightning records will also continue and metal, water and crystal underground are going to react. Along with the silica rich magma as the global electric circuit and high-energy cosmic rays continue to push the ceiling of the charts.

A good rule of thumb when it comes to saving something is will you be able to use it 10 years after the disaster. That’s not to say all electronics should be forgotten or you shouldn’t try to save anything. Batteries, small devices may be valuable in the intermediate aftermath.


Just know they are temporary the moment we’ve gone back to nature. The biggest of solar event may overcome faraday cage protection, anyway. You need to be putting much more effort towards things between bronze age and pre-industrial survival.

If you live in low-lying areas, have something a boat or some other floatation device. Honestly, if not for the invasion of the seas, this wouldn’t be such a terrible situation, but this is the single overarching aspect to the disaster as described by religions, mythology, –

– Tons of researchers over the last several decades to centuries, with nearly all of the list attributing the event to a turning over of the Earth. One name on that list is pretty significant, and that’s Major White, commander of project Nanook.

He discovered the magnetic pole, cycles of disaster and great flooding, and tropical as well as polar fossils alternating in twelve-thousand year layers of sediment. The documents he took from Pentagon meetings were shared after his passing by his son, in ‘World in Peril’

The 90 Degree Tilt Let’s go over the tilt, supported by Cuvier, DeLuc, Hibben, Leibnitz, Dunning, Davidson, Thomas, Velikovski, White, and the Pentagon among others. When Greenland does tilt to the equator, it’ll bring the new equator line to the image show


On the other side, it’ll be East Antarctica tilting up to the equator, putting that right as shown below


Here’s something critical to understand about these processes, they have an axis. It controls which waves go which ways in the turning, and the best way to look at this is with the rectangular projection of the Earth


You get the weird size projection effects of the poles, but the tilting allows you to see how some go down and other side goes up. The new equator after the tilt:

Notice where it intersects the old equator. These points are the axis of the turn. They don’t change latitude, the simply rotate, turning 90 degrees and those points can found here. This is how can see where the initial tidal surge and slosh back tsunamis will occur.


In general, the central Atlantic water will seem to push North as the crust is tilting South into it. while the waters will seem to heading South at first on the other side of the world as the land is tracking and pushing into it.

The worst part is the initial surge against inertia, but after that tilting stops, the exact opposite direction slosh back will occur. Blue lines indicate initial tidal surges of the tilt, and red arrows for where the slosh back tsunamis could be very bad for populated areas:

Maybe those Elephants know more than we think, especially since they would be fleeing not only the slosh back of the Indian Ocean, but the new freezing pole position near the Bay of Bengal and Sumatra.

What Will The Tsunamis Look Like? Inundation will take hours, just float away. The Slosh back tsunamis will be much larger and faster but will end much more quickly. It’ll be mostly a coastal threat with minimal inland penetration.


In the next thread, I’ll go over Safe Zones and best places to be before and after the turnover of the Earth

Part 3 – Safe Zones, Nuclear, Yellowstone, How/When, Attitude

A Recap: What Will The Tsunami’s Look Like? There’s two different kinds. The tilting of the Earth pushes the land into the water’s inertial flow, leading to a slow-building but hours lasting high tide. Picture a foot a minute for several hours. This is the one where you can just float away and is likely to make it the furthest inland. The slosh back tsunamis come second, after the tilt, when the oceans literally slosh back the other way.

With so much water on the land or evaporated, there won’t be as much to impact, but it will be fairly brutal at the coastline. If you had to pick one of these two options, you’d want to be at the initial tidal surge in something that floats rather than at slosh back.


This graphic shows where we’ve gone so far in the magnetic excursion and then breaking out further into what happens if we get no more accelerations, a slow acceleration of the field loss, and then a massive acceleration.

What is not in here is the fact we had a shift in the 2015 fields and then a field loss acceleration in 2017, coincident with a geomagnetic jerk. So the green line is truly out at this point. It’s somewhere between the yellow and red.

Safe Zone Consideration #1: Will I Flood?

The number one question to be asked in my mind should be about the flood. The cyclical deluge may not be the most difficult aspect of the excursion to overcome, especially if you can just float away, but it is the predominant concern.



Most of the Earth is indeed low elevation. The water breaks through the valleys and the plains easily, leaving a lot of the mountain areas spared.


Safe Zone Consideration #2: Will I Freeze Or Cook?

For this you need to consider both the current conditions and those after the tilt. For all we know, a decade could separate the sun knocking out the power and then the tilt of Earth.

If you only survive now because of electricity, it’s something to think about. The areas with the text should be consider the new North and South poles, so assume it’ll be too cold to survive. Hawaii and the Congo will have no real change in temperature being the axis of the tilt

Safe Zone Consideration #3: Will Hungry/Thirsty Humans Be A Problem? No matter how great your spot, if there are too many other people around, it’s a problem. If you’ve seen The Road, Mad Max, or The Colony, you’ve seen what people will do to survive.

The more rural, the better. Either permanently, or as a solid bugout plan.

Whether or not the largest part of the 12,000 year cycle disasters is coming to Earth, not even mainstream scientists deny the sun is going to take out global power someday, and it won’t be coming back on.

And with the weakening magnetic field right now, the prospects for that are much higher. This itself is a major disaster scenario, and it brings up a question for many about the nuclear reactors.

A lot of those are going to get hit by the waters, the crumbling of the buildings will smash everything, including the rods, which means there won’t be the requisite material touching each other for criticality. What’s left isn’t exactly good, but it also isn’t the end all.

If government dissident Galen Winsor doesn’t make you question the story you think you know about nuclear danger, I wonder if your mind is still open at all. My mind worries not about the nuclear problem.

By the way, the number one way to break down nuclear products is electric current and plasma, we’ll have plenty of both around in this event.

How do we know the tilt will take place and when it will happen? We know there is a cycle of about 12,000 years. A major biosphere hit with a magnetic excursion of Earth. Whatever the cycle timeline is exactly, we’re exactly due according to the sediment and the corings.


Earth’s magnetic field also started weakening quickly since 1859, losing 10% by 2000, then 15% by 2010, according to the report by the ESA. While no new percentage have been given, we know there was a major acceleration of that shift again in 2017 centered on the Pacific sector.

The math suggests that these accelerations will lead to a reversal in the 2030s or 2040s. Until then, we look out for more updates via space weather, lightning, and the animals the best we can.

As for how we know the tilt of Earth, that this is what causes the cyclical deluge evidenced all across the world. The 90degree tilt and tilt back scenario goes back hundreds of years to some of the earliest catastrophists, but got its first scientific treatment in the mid-1900s

Einstein concluded that the Greenland ice weight and the counter on the West Antarctic ice shelf want to get to the equator to maintain Earth’s external balance, but that the low velocity zone was stuck and ice accumulation alone couldn’t release it.

We now know that the sun can trigger massive currents through that area and unlock the crust, and all at the same time while Chan Thomas was starting to find the evidence that the new pole positions were going to be near the current magnetic anomalies


The Bermuda triangle and S Atlantic anomaly on one side, and the dragon’s triangle and S magnetic pole on the other. It just so happens those new pole positions, the Bay of Bengal and Brazil, are roughly the pole positions if you move Greenland and West Antarctica to the equator

As if we needed another coincidence, the magnetic poles are not shifting on opposite sides of the planet, they are on a collision course for the Bay of Bengal with the other side of the world being Northern South America.

When you add in Major White’s team finding the alternating tropical and polar fossils in the Arctic, the tree fossils in Sweden with no rings, even the dinosaur nest in the Arctic that is making them ask if dinosaurs were actually warm-blooded.

The answer to all of those is the 90 degree tilt and tilt back. The first catastrophist, Einstein, Chan Thomas’s pole positions, the actual observed magnetic pole movement, the physical evidence unearthed across the world, that’s how we know.

Safe Zone/Risk Maps (After Solar Killshot): It is worth noting that places in Mongolia may end up okay, but any of you going to move there right now? No? Okay, let’s start with New Mu, a topic we can’t get into right now, apart from it was a land of old that sank into the sea.


It’s an appropriate name for what I imagine is the best place to be on the Australian continent. The waves will want to go around the high ground there, the post-tilt climate and current climate are acceptable. And there are rural areas here away from high populations.


Hail and the New Zealand volcanic emissions are likely to be an issue, but issues are going to be everywhere. If this is within your means, I would never say it’s a bad decision.

For those thinking about New Lemuria, sadly that is the new North pole and is unlikely to be very friendly for the next 12,000 years.


New Atlantis, which I’m sure needs now explanation, Most of Europe is highly dense in population. The volcanoes are pretty unavoidable here. The waves will assault the coasts pretty hard.

The Alps are great while you have electricity, The Spanish and French highlands would be your best choices. Excellent position after the tilt, and acceptable climate now.




The New Valley of the Sun, running from near Denver down past Colorado Springs, Los Alamos. Albuquerque, the Sierra Diablo mountains (where Jeff Bezos’ bugout facility is located), and into Mexico. It includes mountainous areas just of the Eastern range as well.


Yellowstone does not seem to be a risk at the time. it’s broken. It can’t build enough pressure effectively anymore. No other volcano boasts the geysers, quakes and geothermal release that Yellowstone does.

It has no way to build up to that big explosion, especially since it is now known to be cut off and not connected to the LLSVPs below. It can erupt effusively, like Hawaii, but not explosively, at least not yet.

The New Valley of the Sun has not one climate, but about three within a days walk of every point in the area. The wave from the Gulf will struggle to climb the elevation, perpendicularly to its inertial path Northward. The post-tilt climate is slightly better than it is right now


The Middle East at the moment is unstable and a risky place to set up yourself up, but post-tilt will turn most of Arabia into New Eden. Green with rivers flowing through it once again. Some other maps:



The last thing I want to mention today is attitude. If you don’t think you want to be alive after this event, fine, but there’s no need to share your depressing stance with those who want to save themselves and the ones they love. The world has enough negativity as it is

If you think that taking a step back is just too unbearable for you, the conditions after the catastrophe, perhaps think instead of it like the Most High calling you to play. This is the Superbowl of Earth’s cosmic situation and it doesn’t come around everyday.

Make no mistake, we do need NPCs in the stands and watching from the couches, but how do you say no to fate? Next thread will be about the signs and what to look out for

Part 4 – Ice Worlds, The Waters Below, The Signs

Why is there evidence of the magnetic poles in their positions for millions of years if the Earth tilts? Why do ancient star charts show the stars as they are now? & the monoliths still lineup w the stars?

Why is some Antarctic ice over a million years old if it goes to the Equator every other cycle? The first two are easy, as we have gone over some of them. The Pentagon papers taken by Major White support the story of numerous others and the modern observations.

They suggest the poles go back and forth, putting them in the same places repeatedly. This is why there is indeed expected to be that evidence over long periods.

As for the star charts and monoliths with astronomical significance, pretty sure most are less the 6,000 years old, all are less than 12,000 years old. They’re all from the last catastrophe and tilt, which is why they are the same.



The million year old Antarctic ice and what happens to it when it goes to the Equator is a bit harder to explain,. There are three things that need to be addressed:

  1. The dating
  2. The Equatorial glaciers that exist today
  3. The uniqueness of the Holocene, the period we’re in now.

They once thought Greenland ice was over a million years old as well, and then they found evidence entire thing was ice free in the last 100,000 years. There are a lot of assumptions made about Antarctica and there’s a problem with the isotopes they use to date ice as well.

Various studies like this one, where they thout the ice in Tibet was over half a million years old, but now say the upper limit may be less than 20,000 years old. Million year old ice in Antarctica, I wouldn’t be so sure about that.

Let’s for a second play devil’s advocate and presume they’re correct. You can still more the current polar positions to the Equator every other cycle and there’s virtually no chance they’re going to melt away entirely.

When we see the equatorial glaciers that exist today, we must realize that those are still there after 12,000 years in the tropics, and that is with the Holocene, the current hot interglacial being way hotter than previous 12,000 year cycles.


The last 10 of them being with the glacial period of the approximately 100,000 year cycle. The previous interglacial was over a 120,000 years ago.

What if this wasn’t a hot interglacial that we were in right now, but a cycle 50,000 years ago? How much ice would be left at the Equator after 12,000 at that point if the world was in a glacial period? I’d wager there’d be much more than just a few remaining tropical glaciers.

There would still be enough left to make you look at Antarctica and Greenland and say 12,000 years is nowhere near enough to melt all of that, especially if you take 3-6 degrees off the planet.

By the way, the areas with tropical glaciers will be heading to the poles once again. Last cycle is when they accumulated the ice that is still there today. There may be ancient ice at Antarctica and it doesn’t change the cycles at all.

The heat of the interglacial is tricking us into thinking all of Antarctica would melt if you put it at the poles, but that’s no what we’re seeing today. When you go back to the other cycles, there wasn’t the heat to melt it either.

When we remember that this is all probably not a million years old in all likelihood, and that data will change just as it did in Tibet and Greenland, it’s expected that both Greenland and Antarctica to remain ice worlds even when at the tropics for the entire next cycle.

Cloud-seeding is a method to promote rainfall that has been used for years now. It’s based on the now well understood electrostatic attraction of water, dust, and aerosol cloud particulates.

Water is not only attracted to charge and electric current, but follows currents as well. One of the most critical moments was when a experiment showed gravity being no match for the power of electricity as the waters bellow were pushed up, pushing against rock above

Another instance was the importance of the magnetic fields, where application of a current through an anode and cathode caused considerable spin to the water. When the magnets were reversed, the current flowed in the same direction but the spin changed

There are studies confirming this effect on clouds from those treating nuclear tests to cosmic ray to the global electric circuit tying the ionosphere to the crust and through the entire atmosphere, intimately linked with the outer magnetic field of the planet.


In it’s current weakening, we’ve seen how we expect and observe an increase in atmospheric electricity. lightning records, and we’ve been seeing the upward bolts and record lightning storms.

With it often comes stories like this far more frequently over the last few years.


Record rains, four inches per hour are unimaginable to be seeing so often, but they have an explanation with Earth’s weakening magnetic field and our water vapor atmosphere.


The Earth has revealed the depths that match descriptions from the Bible, Quran, Zoroastrian texts, Vedic and Sanskrit and more, of the great flood. The water below are real, and even before this revelation, we already knew there was high saturation down to two kilometers

The deep rock and mantle hid more than the entire ocean’s worth of water in the miles below. This paper merely filled in the gaps. Our entire planet is saturated and it turns out there’s just as much in the lower crust between the deep earth and the upper crust as above/

The electricity and magnetism of our planet is changing, as we go through the excursion. The atmosphere, crust, mantle, etc. are all subject to these conductive and inductive connections. The waters below have a perfectly plausible means of arrive at the surface electrically.

The charge/discharge process through the leaky insulator of the crust will not only allow for stronger vertical forcing of the waters below, but will constantly draw them upwards as the magnetic field of Earth enters its weakest state.

The increase in atmospheric charge will attract the vapor just like it does in the lab. When you realize what that means for the weather and the extra hydrated, conductive fault zones which will take the worst of the forcing, you begin to understand why it’s a major influence.

The Signs This is in section 6.4 from the book The Next End Of The World, about the best way to judge the timeline, given that we’re not getting updates on Earth’s field, and we can’t rely on those extrasolar timeline markers.


The first thing we can watch is lightning. This is something that should be seen surging in number, power, and even form. A portion of the textbook ‘Weatherman’s Guide to the Sun’ is about how lightning is triggered by cosmic rays, solar storms, & the weakening magnetic field.

The arctic is shattering lightning records. Many want to blame global warming but the Northern polar cusp is where solar energetic particles prefer to enter and is expected to have this atmospheric electricity effect there most.


The global warming explanation doesn’t work for the new mountaintop energetic pulses, a new form of upward lightning recently identified and, in case you are wondering, it’s crazy that they’ve identified two new types of lightning in one year.



Right after that is the second most critical thing to look out for, space weather. Solar cycle 25 is ramping up and we can now look at more than just the lightning. A fairly large CME is expected later today: https://earthsky.org/sun/sun-activity-solar-flare-cme-aurora-updates/#:~:text=A%20fairly%20large%20CME%20is,%2D08%2D14T11%3A42Z….


What we’re watching for is space weather having a greater effect than it should be. It’s impossible to use the galactic markers and if “officials” don’t update the field loss or loss rate, we’re left seeking other means to run the timeline.

Lightning and space weather are our greatest indicators, especially because before the greatest solar flash, before the magnetic excursion finalizes, the weakened field will likely leave us vulnerable to a space weather event and those terrestrial storms.

The best way to judge how far we’re tracking down the line is the same thing that provides the most imminent natural threat to modern conditions. For this, we have about a one in four chance of taking such a solar storm this sunspot cycle, and would likely be before 2027.

By the 2030s, the field should be down to an almost untenable state. That’s why need to be as vigilant as the sun is dependable to rise each morning. One more thread coming and I’ll wrap this series up. Thanks for keeping up with the threads and sharing, its greatly appreciated.

Part 5 – The Amplification of Effects & Research Papers

The age of information has catalyzed the rebirth of catastrophism by providing access to evidence and analysis of Earth’s catastrophe cycle, which indicates that the next one is imminent.

Everything is being amplified. Not just the magnetic field of Earth, but the increased signs in the skies, migration problems among birds and animals, the people who seem to going more and more crazy, and the religious connections.

And it makes sense. We’re electromagnetic beings with electromagnetic brains. Every thought we have is in the radio wave and it affects every part of our body. Our thoughts are very important to us, think about the placebo effect or negative psychosomatic effects.

These processes affect more than just “let’s pick up a hammer”, they affect our emotional stability, how we deal with anxiety and fear. These changes that are causing the increased upward lightning are the same changes that are starting to affect Earth’s rotation and it’s speed.

We’ve seen auroral anomalies, unexpected severity of space weather impacts, bizarre land motions attempted to be blamed on farmers digging, oceans catching on fire, and surges in earth-to-cloud lightning have made it so researchers have started to understand it very well.

Talented photographers like Dan Robinson are able to get shots weekly that photographers used to dream of getting once in a lifetime:

More papers, evidences, and analysis have come out in the past year or so than in decades of previous literature. Scientists have found connections between solar flares, CMEs, geomagnetic storms and lightning: https://www.techexplorist.com/solar-flare-and-lightning-impact-edge-space-unexpected-way/39698/

There’ve been dozens of papers in the last year identifying one or more of the last magnetic excursion events, some from cave sediments and others from corings: https://agupubs.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1029/2021GC010261

In terms of driving forward the known evidences, the importance of the sun’s current sheet, the solar wind B-y, and the interplanetary electromagnetic field is as big a factor in Earth’s electrodynamic near-space interactions as CMEs and coronal holes.

These studies are important because they tell us about what the galactic current sheet is doing to our solar system and nearby stars now, and what it’s going to do to the sun:




These studies are important because they tell us about what the galactic current sheet is doing to our solar system and nearby stars now, and what it’s going to do to the sun:




The large low shear velocity provinces (LLSVPs), the massive internal skeleton of Earth have be getting mapped better in recent months and have confirmed the direct connection between the core and Hawaii, those near the Spanish islands, and reunion in the Indian Ocean:




We’ve also learned the core of Earth is lopsided. All of the stuff about symmetrical Earth, immune to perturbation instabilities is out the window, from the surface terrain down to the core: https://beta.nsf.gov/news/earths-core-lopsided-strange-goings-our-planets-interior


The total global electric circuit connections with the solar wind provide further evidence of how our star will be affected under the galactic magnetic reversal coming with the current sheet. What is most interesting is the rapid forcing identification.




The total global electric circuit connections with the solar wind provide further evidence of how our star will be affected under the galactic magnetic reversal coming with the current sheet. What is most interesting is the rapid forcing identification.




The unusual chorus waves at the top of the sky are a sign of changing upper earth under the weakening magnetic field. The total electrical field influence on lightning has gone beyond the arctic to allow for the identification of two new kinds of lightning:

The weakening field is driving critical frequency changes in the F2 layer, allowing for sustained ionospheric disruptions, despite weakening solar activity and lower solar flare impact the last couple decades, Earth has been taking an equal pounding due to declining protection.


Scientists are being tricked, trying to figure out how dinosaurs may actually not have been cold-blooded, otherwise they couldn’t live in the arctic. The explanation is this region was at the pole during that cycle.

The only reason those eggs were found and preserved in the first place is because a warm area was rapidly inundated and frozen in time. And all of these papers are just a small portion of what has been found:

The sun has on numerous occasions tossed an eruption our way that would send us back to the stone age, the last one was just before the emergence of the electrical age

To close, lets look at this article, which interviewed Dr. McIntosh from Colorado. Out of the gate, I agree with McIntosh in that so much of what they say about the sun is just made-up physics.


What’s real is the fact that during the big event that will happen again someday, we check the magnetic polarity of the plasma eruption via satellite and would only have as much as an hour’s warning, in as little 15 minutes from when it hits satellites to when it arrives here.

The big one will take out every circuit board and will instantly cause satellites to fail and every airplane in the sky to attempt a no radio, no GPS landing all at once.

While every transformer on the ground is vulnerable, it only takes nine lost in the right place to take out power to the Entirety of the United States, and they estimate hundreds would fail in that scenario.

Don’t want to sound like a broken radio, so here’s what comes next:

If the sun hits us strong enough, we could see over a billion die worldwide. The article explains how they only have a few weeks worth of diesel for the backup generators, but who says they’ll work at all as they’re just as vulnerable as the rest of the grid.

While their half-measure and awareness likely protects them against regular storms seen every 11-year sunspot cycle, and just as we’ve seen, they’re not prepared for bigger ones like 1859, which is 10-25 times less powerful than what the sun does on even longer timescales.

None of this coverage takes into account that Earth is getting more vulnerable by the day, as its magnetic poles shift and the power of the magnetic field fades, we’re losing that protection against energies from space.

The takeaway is this, the sun does this regularly on geophysical time scales. Every 150 years or so, we take one of those blasts and we’re due again right now, either during this cycle or next one.

We’ve been fortunate not to have one during the electrical age so far, but that luck will run out. Globalization has taken the non-electric population of Earth from over 2 billion to just a handful in the last two decades.

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