Slow Beauty Immersion Launch

Happy New Moon Solar Eclipse! Today I realized I need a makeover by 2022 ON A SPIRITUAL LEVEL and decided to commit to doing ALL of my favorite beauty rituals every day until the end of the year. And then I realized others would probably like to join me too. So I decided to do 2 things:

  1. Publicly share my “beauty curriculum,” below, which includes a youtube playlist and tracking checklist
  2. Create a private forum where we can track our results and hype each other up. It’s paywalled to keep out lurkers so we (read: I) feel comfortable sharing before & after photos and candid juicy details. And to keep ourselves accountable because I have a LOT planned for us.

If you want to join the private group and look and feel as sexy as humanly possible by the New Year, send $8.88 here and I’ll give you the secret password. It’s quite active, almost too much for me to keep up with, so I decided the price goes up to $22.22 on Sunday the 12th to help keep the forum an intimate, peaceful setting. I considered closing it entirely (and I still might) but decided to just raise the price so that those who REALLY want to join and commit to the experience can do so.

If you just want the beauty curriculum, read on. You’re totally welcome to do your own self-guided beauty immersion with this post if you don’t want to join the group! I’ll be focusing on my own journey with whoever joins the group, and will be a lot less available on social media for the rest of the year, but the curriculum, youtube playlist, and checklist are available for everyone to enjoy.

I am doing ALL of the below daily, unless specified otherwise. I’ve specified where you should refer to the playlist where necessary, and I’ll explain further in the private post:


  1. Inversion method: Flip head over and massage scalp vigorously to stimulate blood flow
  2. Fermented rice water scalp daily spray & weekly rinse: full instructions here
  3. Tea rinse (1x/week): simply brew a cup of your caffeinated beverage of choice, let it cool and pour over scalp after shampoo + conditioner. Prevents shedding and scientifically proven to stimulate growth. Mind your towels, it will stain!
  4. Pre-wash magnesium scalp soak (1x/week): Spray all over the scalp and leave on for at least an hour. Patch test, and if it burns then dilute it. A little itching is normal and goes away. I use Life Flo spray.
  5. Pre-wash scalp dermarolling & Ayurvedic oil treatment (1x/week): I gently dermaroll just around my hairline and temples, where I want to stimulate growth, and then oil my whole scalp with the Amalaki oil by Blue Beautifly.


  1. Face sculpting routine (face yoga, mewing, and gua sha videos in the playlist): I’m particularly focused on the “nose sculpting” and “natural facelift” routines as I haven’t tried these myself before.
  2. Extended skincare routine: Double cleanse with washed ghee (my new obsession) and a cleanser, mask, toner, hyaluronic acid, active moisturizer, seal with more washed ghee. The specific products will change according to my daily needs so further details are reserved for the private forum.
  3. Radiofrequency & red light treatment: I use the Nuovaluce device


  1. No seed oils for the rest of the year: Aka no eating out. Unless it’s like… sashimi. Read this post about how processed vegetable oils are actually PLASTIC OILS, gross. I want as much of this garbage out of my system as possible.
  2. Butter maxxing: I am eating the equivalent of 1 stick of butter per day. I’ve discussed the benefits of animal fats and butter extensively on twitter.
  3. Sun, moon & cloudbathing: I say it like this because I’ve been copping out on rainy days and not going outside, but my point here is to get outside every day.
  4. Muay Thai followed by sauna 3x/week: You can replace this with whatever fitness and R&R you want to commit to.
  5. Scorpion Pose, splits, and posture training (playlist): Scorpion pose has been my yoga goal forever, and I swore to myself I would get into it by the end of the year. Same for splits. And posture stretches to counteract all the screenhunching I’ve done this year.
  6. Magnesium oil full body soak: Same as the scalp oil soak, detailed above, except head to toe. It’s good to put a towel down and relax for this. Or if you have a tub, get the magnesium flakes (not Epsom flakes, these are stronger) and take a bath.
  7. Boob massage & cupping: details reserved for the private forum

So this is the plan! Download the checklist here. If you want to join the private forum too, sign up here. I already opened it up to my inner circle and it is a very sexy and eclectic crew, and I’m so excited to deep dive into this beauty immersion with you all. CHEERS TO GETTING BRAND NEW FOR 2022.

XO Kiki

4 thoughts on “Slow Beauty Immersion Launch”

  1. Hello everyone!! I am parvati 💖💖 I’m new here and I hope to transform with beauty and grace by the end of it!! I wish everyone the same ^^

  2. Hi Kiki, for some reason I’m not able to access the forum despite putting in the password. It happened the other day but eventually let me in but it’s not this time.

  3. Hi! My name is Vanessa. I just joined. I’m ready to start making some changes for this new year 2022. Good luck to all 🤍

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