The Meaning of Chipped Nail Polish In Onychomancy

I got a great question on Twitter recently asking about the symbolic significance of chipped nail polish in onychomancy (the divination of the nails), and I thought I’d share my thoughts on the placement of this interesting zig-zag shape.

Q: My nail chipped in a zigzag way down the side of my left index finger. And it happened so suddenly that I knew it was a message, I just don’t know what message!

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A: I’d read this as a call to take in new information and shake things up regarding personal philosophy, morals, and world view. Keep an eye out for new books, for example, that would be outside of what you normally might be interested in.

In my ebook, The Ancient Art of Onychomancy In the Modern World, I explain that the left index finger is the internalized experience of the planet Jupiter, which rules personal philosophy, personal growth, and the religious or spiritual context into which you were born.

Chipped nail polish represents nearing the end of a cycle or needing to break through an illusion (as represented by the polish itself). Zig-zag shapes are dynamic and energizing. So in the case of the left Jupiter, I would see this zig-zag chip in the polish as dropping some major veils around personal philosophy that shakes up ones world view and leads to an expansion of consciousness.

They responded, “That’s very on point, I literally just had a conversation last night about wanting to experience something new and expansive!”

It’s also noteworthy that the chip occurred on the same side where we see that the free edge is slightly irregular. The free edge is quite short, still in the throat chakra zone of the nail. This may indicate needing to journal or otherwise engage in some intentional inner dialogue around one’s Jupiterian philosophies in order to best tap into this dynamic shift.

If you’d like to learn more about divination of the nails and manicures, please check out The Ancient Art of Onychomancy In the Modern World. I’d love to connect with you on Twitter, Instagram, and via email if you have any questions about nail reading. When I announce openings for private readings, it will always be to my email list first, and then any remaining openings will be announced to my social media followers.

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