Celebrity Nail Reading: Beyoncé’s French Manicure

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This is possibly the most Air manicure I’ve ever seen. You might think this is just a classic feminine style, and it is, but round tips are not to be underestimated – they are all about STRATEGY and leaving nothing to chance. Based on my preliminary research of the world’s wealthiest hands, this is also the most common shape among billionaire women (most wear them a touch shorter than this actually). I discuss this more in my post, What Do Almond Nails Say About Your Personality?

Beyoncé in 2020 | Arm jewelry, Beyonce jewelry, Jewelry

French manicures are so interesting because the nude/natural nail plate is about being yourself, going back to basics, and maintaining personal peace while the white tips attract attention and helps you see and be seen. Tres Beyoncésque, obviously. Maybe not the basics part.

The length is jusssst barely past the 3rd eye chakra zone into the crown chakra which is further emphasized by the most likely exaggerated curve of the quicks – both of which enhance energetic receptivity and attunement to the collective consciousness, which contributes to her uncanny ability to not just tune into the zeitgeist, but to lead and embody it.


If you zoom into the corner of the ring Apollo finger, we see that this nail is actually spatulate, which is Fire. Interesting because Beyoncé is a sidereal Leo sun. The nail shapes do not necessarily correspond with ones natal placements, but in this case it seems worth mentioning.

And finally hand adornments like jewelry, gloves, tattoos are not something I discuss in my nail reading book, The Ancient Art of Onychomancy, but they will be central to my next phase of research and may be included in my next book. Drop a comment if this is something you’d be interested in.

I am just so obsessed with this sheer black glove with the ruby gemstones at the fingertips. Rubies are the king of stones and symbolize PROPHECY which is another quality of the Apollo finger.

Beyoncé at the 2020 Golden Globes – Nonye B

One fascinating detail I didn’t notice when I first posted this thread on Twitter is the tiny chip on the right thumbnail! Finally, definitive proof that Beyoncé isn’t a clone. The right thumb is the external expression of Mars, god of war and action and assertion. The chip is at the right hand corner of the throat chakra zone of the manicure, but underneath you can see it is just over the top of the heart chakra zone. This may indicate a strain (the chip) to express (throat chakra) her will (Mars) and she’s having a hard time hiding how she feels about the situation (exposed heart chakra).

I don’t pay very close attention to celebrity gossip, so I had to google “Beyoncé Golden Globes drama” just to see if anything came up – apparently she was criticized for not participating in Joaquin Phoenix’s standing ovation? Someone fill me in. That could be an energetic parallel to the chipped thumbnail for sure, if she chose not to stand intentionally.

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