What Is Numerology?

The Meaning of the Core Numbers & How to Calculate Them, Root Numbers, Master Numbers, Angel Numbers, Infographics, & Free Printable Numerology E-book

Numerology is a form of divination based on the universal symbolism of numbers. Do you have numbers in your life that keep showing up – on the clock, on license plates, on receipts? If you want to learn what these numbers mean on a deeper level, keep reading.
I’ve been seeing 111 since childhood. My dad always noticed when it was 4:44. It’s funny that I never took the time to understand what that meant until recently. I became interested in numerology through astrology and tarot, both of which include symbolic numbers and share many correlations.
While I’m experienced in other forms of divination (palmistry, astrology, tarot), I’m not a numerologist, so I put together this beginner’s guide to numerology to help myself and others learn the basics of numerology, because I’ve personally found it hard to find all of the information below in one place online!
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Nerd out with me. In this guide you will find:

  • The meaning of numbers (root numbers 1-9, master numbers, and angel numbers)
  • Aesthetically pleasing numbers infographic cheat sheets that you can save to your phone, Pinterest, etc
  • The core numerology numbers, their different names, and what they mean
  • How to calculate the core numbers A core numbers automatic calculator
  • A free printable numerology PDF e-book
  • Some resources to learn more about numerology: a classic numerology book, a free online reading, and a numerologist I can recommend
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The Meaning of Numbers: Root Numbers, Master Numbers, and Angel Numbers

In this section we’ll discuss the difference between even and odd numbers, break down the meaning of each single digit number 1 through 9, also known as a root number, as well as double-digit repeating numbers known as Master Numbers, and the triple-digit repeating numbers known as Angel Numbers.
At the end of this section you’ll find a helpful infographic cheat sheet that you can print out or save to your phone, computer, or Pinterest.

The Meaning of Root Numbers 1 Through 9

The root numbers 1 through 9 are categorized as odd (1, 3, 5, 7, 9) or even numbers (2, 4, 6, 8). The odd numbers represent the right side of the brain, which controls intuition and creativity, and the even numbers represent the left side of the brain, which controls linear thinking.
In Numerology: The Power of Numbers, Ruth Drayer explains further:
“The left side of the brain works largely through concrete thought – logic and intellect, generating rigid, programmed behaviors – as do ‘even’ numbers. Intuition and creativity are located in the right side of the brain, which generates behaviors that can be unpredictable, flexible, and too creative to be categorized – similar to the ‘odd’ numbers.”



0: The void, infinite possibility
1: Independence, will, beginnings, pioneering, individuality
2: Balance, partnership, diplomacy, contrast, polarity
3: Creativity, joy, communication, groups, fun
4: Foundations, pragmatism, material reality
5: Adventure, change, freedom, conflict
6: Harmony, community, domesticity, healing, responsibility
7: Spirituality, intellect, personal growth, introspection, analysis
8: Authority, business, leadership, goals
9: Wisdom, closure, endings, service to humanity
The root numbers can be thought of as a wheel, each number building and expanding upon the energy of the previous number.
I love how Drayer describes them according to the natural cycles:
Number 1 conceives the idea to have a garden; number 2 prepares the ground; number 3 plants the seed; number 4 waters and weeds; number 5 watches everything sprout; number 6 admires the garden and harvests the crop; number 7 analyzes the yield; number 8 markets the yield; and number 9 prepares the land for the next garden, loving the goodness and appreciating the bounty of nature.
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The Meaning of Master Numbers

Master numbers are double-digit repeating numbers: 11, 22, 33, and so on. Each repeating number reduces down to a single digit number: 2, 4, 6, and so on, respectively.
Each master number represents an energetically matured/more complex version of its reduced number, and so when you write it out, you include both: the double-digit number, followed by a slash, followed by its reduced single-digit number.
Each master number contains the energy of the double-digit number, each single digit that the double-digit is comprised of, and the energy of its reduced number. So for example, 11/2 contains the energy of 11, of two separate 1’s, and of 2.
I see master numbers as the universe mirroring your energy as represented in each repeating digit. So you bring a 2, and the universe brings the other 2. Master numbers are the universe matching your energy, which creates an energy vortex greater than the sum of its parts.
Another way to read master numbers is to consider the significance of the implied zero. For example, 22/4 contains the energy of 22, two separate 2’s, and 4 – and when you say it out loud, “Twenty-two,” you also activate the implied zero in 20.
The zero represents both the void and infinite consciousness.
While I’m still musing on what this implied zero symbolizes fully (who should I read??), to me this speaks of infinite consciousness “multiplying” the limited and self-contained energy of the single digit beyond what is possible as a solo entity.
Drayer describes master numbers as representing “a strong dedication to assist in the great conscious awakening of our times.”
She also states that only the first four master numbers – 11/2, 22/4, 33/6, and 44/8 – are currently being “used” by humanity on a spiritual level (look up celebrities with master number life paths – 44 and up are very hard to find), and the last five master numbers 55/1, 66/3, 77/5, 88/7, 99/9 will become more prominent as consciousness expands.
Wait, what does that even mean?
I love Drayer’s interpretation. According to our recorded history, humanity has been largely patriarchal, linear, and logic-driven until this point. You’ll notice that the first four master numbers reduce down to even numbers, which as we discussed above in the Root Numbers section, have to do with left-brain, logical thinking.
Now we see a resurgence of feminine energy coming into leadership and balance worldwide. As we move into a period of balancing and integration of the polarities in our society (masculine versus feminine, yang versus yin), humanity is waking up to the power of intuition and creativity – right-brain thinking.
And the last five master numbers all reduce down to odd numbers, which represent the right hemisphere of the brain! What a trip.
Please keep in mind that this is just an introductory guide to numerology and the meaning of numbers is infinitely complex. This is just a taste of what each master number may represent, based on my personal meditations, and informed by but not exclusively based on Ruth Drayer’s writings.

Master Numbers 11/2 through 99/9

11/2: The pursuit of a unique vision in a state of surrender to the universe (1 and 1), via exploration and integration of polarities and contrast (2). “The god in me sees the god in you.” Divine inspiration, synchronicity, and encouragement to keep going.
22/4: Receptivity to source consciousness (2 and 2) leading to and rooted in grounded action (4). Peacemaker, diplomacy, enforcement of healthy energetic boundaries, divinely guided relationships.
33/6: Delighting in life and sharing joy (3 and 3) as a means of service to others (6). Reproduction, creativity, humor, joy of reunion, Star of David, Christ consciousness. The only inverted pair (66/3) within the Master Numbers.
44/8: Building a new paradigm based on bringing heaven to “down to Earth” (4 and 4) to help humanity ground and anchor new heights in consciousness (8), including but not limited to Christ consciousness found in the previous 33/6. Integrity as a foundation, treating Earth as home and temple. Manifestation and leadership.
55/1: Individual need for change and exploration meets the ever-changing universe exploring itself through the individual (5 and 5); change as the only constant (1). Psychedelic awareness of the universe as equally chaotic (5) and unified (1). Pentagram within a circle, The World card in tarot, divinely orchestrated changes that are equally willful and predetermined.
66/3: “God helps those who help themselves” (6 and 6), leading to service as a source of joy (3). True service, in which one pours from an overflowing cup – not martyrdom. The only inverted pair (33/6) within the Master Numbers.
77/5: I really like Drayer’s interpretation: “Number 77/5 are wise ones who can help others attain the experiences needed to achieve absolute trust and faith in themselves. They have specially developed senses, which allow them to see below the surface into their own divinity. Grounded in their own divinity, they can live freely and be open to adventure.” Except I wouldn’t say grounded – the energy of 77/5 to me is more like a trust fall. Adventure that arises from deep trust of life and self, rather than escapism which is the tendency of an immature 5.
88/7: A higher calling that is grounded in spiritual authority (8 and 8) and arises from introspection, self-awareness, and reverence for life (7).
99/9: “Change starts in your own backyard.” A humanitarian mission (9 and 9) that is channeled as healing on a local level first (9). Being the change you wish to see. Helping humanity to release what no longer works, bringing closure to eras, rather than working within existing systems (which is 44/8 energy).


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The Meaning of Angel Numbers

Angel numbers are repeating number sequences believed to indicate communication from angels (or your higher self, subconscious, however you look at it in your cosmology). Here’s my take on some popular angel numbers.
First I look at how many numbers are in the sequence. The most common angel numbers contain 3 digits, though I’ve also included some 4-digit angel numbers.
I interpret 3-digit angel numbers as positive omens, as 3 represents joy and fun. If they seem to accompany unpleasant circumstances, they are an invitation to creatively reframe your perspective and await or seek out a bigger-picture perspective.
Four-digit angel numbers are more serious messages having to do with practical next steps for your life. Then I look at the meaning of what numbers make up the sequence and interpret intuitively from there.
I’d love to know if my interpretations resonate with you, please let me know in the comments.

Angel Numbers 111 through 2222

111: Your thoughts and will in the present moment are creating a positive, joyful outcome. Follow the breadcrumbs of what feels empowering and joyful.
222: Life is bringing a force of balance to your life that will bring peace and happiness. Trust your peace. Often an omen of flourishing relationships.
333: Anticipate good news or burst of creativity, or be the bearer of good news and positive vibes yourself. Harmony of mind-body-soul.
444: Whatever you’re currently working on will contribute to your happiness. Stay the course and enjoy the process.
555: Change is incoming and while it may be intense, it is for your highest good. You can even enjoy it but you may have to actively frame the experience positively if you’re not used to change.
666: Often interpreted as a Satanic number, this number actually speaks of the harmony of feminine forces in your life – the triple goddess number of the maiden, mother, and crone offering you guidance.
777: Encouragement that happiness is on the other side of solitude, rest, and introspection. You already contain the wisdom you need.
888: A powerful number for manifesting your joy. Confirmation that you are the authority of your own life.
999: You are safe to effortlessly release what no longer serves you. Focus on preparing for what actually brings you peace, rather than fighting that which doesn’t, because whatever brings you peace is incoming and you need to create the space for it.
1212: Balance your own needs with the needs of others. Remember that unity and polarity both exist, and multiple truths can coexist without being mutually exclusive. Take this opportunity to weigh and, if possible, integrate seemingly conflicting perspectives.
1221: A symmetrical four-digit number containing 1’s and 2’s. Seek, appreciate, and positively reinforce symmetry in your relationships with others. Are you receiving as much as you give out? 1221 reduces to 6 – remember the difference between service and martyrdom. Conversely, your joy is medicine to all who witness it.
1222: Life is ready to bring you the balance, stability, and joy you desire but you’re going to have to express your intention clearly first. The universe wants to please you but it requires your consent. 1222 reduces to 7 and encourages you to exert your will from a position of spiritual integrity and self-awareness.
2222: The situation requires balance, diplomacy, cooperation, and trust in the other, be that another person or the universe. Remember that you can fully trust the universe, even as you trust other humans to be humans. 2222 reduces to 8 – trust your authority, trust a higher authority, and trust other peoples’ authority over their own lives. You do not require saving. This number is also confirmation that a joint endeavor with another – be it business or pleasure – empowers and brings balance to you both.
For further reading, I recommend this list by Doreen Virtue of different angel numbers, including a mega-list of angel numbers in order of each number sequence combination. I don’t super resonate with all of the interpretations but it’s still an interesting jumping off point for meditation!



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Core Numbers and How to Calculate Them

So now we’ve arrived at the heart of numerology, which is interpreting your unique Earthly experience through the prism of numbers associated with your birthday and name.
Numerology includes the 5 core numbers – Life Path, Expression Number, Soul Number, Personality Number, and Maturity Number. There are also additional numbers that we’ll study in the next section.
Here are the core numbers and how to find each of them:
1. Life Path or Birth Path Number: The theme of your life, the lesson you’re here to master.
Calculation: Add all of the numbers in your birthday, including the date, month and year, until you have a single digit.
2. Expression or Destiny Number: The sum of your past life experience and wisdom.
Calculation: Add all of the letters of your full name together using Pythagorean numbers chart (numbers that correspond to letters) until you get a single digit.
3. Soul, Soul Urge, or Heart’s Desire Number: Where you’re happiest and what your heart needs in order to feel content .
Calculation: Add the vowels of your full name using the Pythagorean numbers chart until you get a single digit.
“Vowels represent the soul or essence of a name.” – Ruth Drayer
4. Personality Number: How others perceive you, or the egoic form that shapes and projects your psyche into the world.
Calculation: Add the consonants of your full name until you get a single digit.
5. Maturity or Attainment Number: Your evolutionary potential, which begins to intensify at middle age and beyond.
Calculation: Add your Life Path number and your Expression number and reduce to a single digit, unless it’s a master number.


Here’s a handy Core Numbers calculator.
Want this whole post as a free PDF study guide that’s formatted to print? Click here.

Numerology Resources

1. Free video numerology report at Numerologist.com


This numerology video report is perfect for beginners and very aesthetically pleasing. They also have in-depth paid written reports and an informative blog and newsletter, all of which I highly recommend.


Things I like about the book: Ruth Drayer’s personality, poetic approach, and useful example of Amelia Earhart’s numerology to explain the concepts and calculations.

I love the numerology worksheets, the great breakdowns of how to construct the charts – which really does take an entire book to get the hang of, totally beyond the scope of one blog post – and a helpful glossary.

3. Expert Numerologist: VK Numerology

This was my first time ordering a reading from a real live numerologist. Kiara’s readings were fascinating and very resonant.

Her readings offer interpretations that I hadn’t ever even seen referenced in my beginner numerology research online. They struck a great balance between reframing things I already knew about myself, and presenting me with totally new observations that took my breath away.

I wasn’t sure what to order from her extensive menu of offerings, so I went with what seemed comprehensive yet also appropriate for beginners, The Big Picture report.

Included were 3 reports titled Guided Instructions Outlined Numerology, Multidimensional Numerology, and The Numerology of my Incarnation. They covered the following topics:

  • Guided Instructions for Working with Your Personal Numbers
    Universal Year 2019
    Current Personal Year
    Seven core numbers in context of each other
    3 pages
  • Multidimensional Numerology Analysis
    Seven core number analysis, more in depth
    4 pages
  • Numerology of My Incarnation
    Seven core numbers analysis, more in depth
    Karmic Lesson number interpretation
    Major Life Cycle Numbers (Cycle of Youth, Cycle of Maturity, Cycle of Wisdom)
    Pinnacle Numbers
    Challenge Numbers
    Personal Year Number
    8 pages

As you can see, all of the reports cover interpretations of the core numbers. So there are repeated themes, but each report covered the Core Numbers from different angles – the information is not repetitive.

I especially appreciate that she offers interpretations of the numbers *in context of each other* and not just standalone interpretations. This is the main difference between her readings and an automated reading. For example:

“The expression and blend of your core numbers is especially important to pay attention to because you have a unique blend of mental-emotional (3, 5, 6), and spiritual (9) numbers — and these energies are going to be prevalent, heavy, and at times, overwhelming to work with, especially since there is a lack of physicality (1, 4, 8, 22) in your chart.”

I’ve read the reports multiple times already, and each time I learn something new. They are very rich, poetic and nuanced. I will definitely purchase from Kiara again. Visit her site at vknumerology.com – Support small businesses!

I hope this beginner guide to numerology is helpful! Next I plan to delve deeper into Master Numbers, Angel Numbers, as well as correspondences between numerology, astrology, tarot, and palmistry. Please feel free to leave a comment or shoot me an email if you have any suggestions or questions.

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