Nail Reading: Long Natural Nails with an Accent Thumb

I was really excited to see these nails because although at first glance, a natural oval nail is a very popular manicure, there are a few unusual things going on when you look closer!

For one, most of the nail beds are much wider than long, except for the pinkies, and a mix of round, square and spatulate shapes. Second, these shapes are very rarely seen combined with very curved *and* pointed quicks as we see here. And finally, all of the nails are natural… except for the accent thumbnail, emphasized by a ring on this same finger and a tattoo just below it. What does it all mean? Let’s start with the nail bed shapes.

Combination Nail Bed Shapes

Combination shapes aren’t unusual on their own. Most people have a combination of at least two shapes. But normally, wide nails tend to be spatulate or square. This person’s nails are an unusual mix of round quicks, square cuticles, and spatulate sides – which, as per this Nail Shapes & Elements diagram from my book, are Air, Earth, and Fire respectively. The right ring finger alone is an extremely rare wide, slightly spatulate shape with a pointed quick, which is Water.

So we have ALL of the elements represented in this person’s nails.

Since nails represent your mind and how you communicate, I would read this as someone who is fundamentally more action-oriented, practical and physical according to the shape of the nail beds. The very rounded and pointed quicks (quicks are ruled by the throat chakra) tell us that they also have a strong sensitive side especially in how they express and perceive language.

Their very round Air nail tips are so long that they’re actually longer than the nail beds themselves, growing well into the crown chakra zone – another rare quality. This tells us that this person chooses to present as more intellectual, intuitive and even ethereal, while being something of a firecracker on an instinctual level.

The Accent Left Thumbnail

Let’s review the meaning of our thumbs. Thumbs are ruled by Mars, the god of action, assertion, physicality and war. The right hand is external expression and the left hand is internal experience.

So the right thumb is the external expression of our Mars energies – how we express our yang our masculine energies, how we take action, pursue goals, and physically shape our world.

The left thumb is the internal experience of our Mars energies – how we experience our bodies, our sex drive, our life force, our root chakra issues surrounding survival, and by extension our relationship to our family, death, and ancestors.

In my nail reading book, I discuss each nail’s correspondence to the planets, zodiac signs, and tarot cards. The thumb/Mars rules Scorpio, which corresponds to the Death card:

Death (Tarot card) - Wikipedia

The card features a skeleton in full armor, in all black and metal and carrying a black flag. How fitting then that this accent thumb features black nail polish and a metal ring. I would definitely assume that this person has strong Scorpio energies or is dealing with some kind of major ending or release.

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