What Do Almond Nails Say About Your Personality?


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Almond tips and round nails represent Air energy and support logic, analysis and strategy.

They also add wit, intellect and social graces. In this post we’ll discuss:

  • The meaning of the round and oval nail plate
  • Short versus long almond and oval tips
  • Nails & Net Worth: Manicure preferences of billionaires and the ruling class
  • And the current findings from my ongoing research study on astrology placements and nail shape preferences

The Meaning of Round Nail Plates

Round nails are ruled by Air. To quote my nail reading guide, The Ancient Art of Onychomancy In the Modern World:

“They are gentle, steady, intellectual, open-minded, and social. Very circular nails value harmony and diplomacy. They may also love to gossip and can be easily offended by overly blunt communication. They are attuned to etiquette, media, pop culture, history, and the news. Round nails are also very witty and tuned into the zeitgeist. I often see very round Jupiter nails on people who tend toward pacifism and inclusivity, politically speaking.”

It is worth noting that most people have a combination of nail shapes. When rounded nail plates are also very narrow, they are oval nails. All narrow nail plate shapes, including oval, are considered of the Water element and will be discussed in future post.

In the photo below, you can see an example of a very round nail plate in my index or Jupiter finger. Notice that the quick is very curved and almost touches my cuticle, with almost no vertical transition to the nail plate, unlike the other fingers which are increasingly square toward the pinky.

Short Versus Long Almond & Oval Tips

Round nails are Air, which is a masculine-polarized element, but Ive noticed that almond and oval tips are often worn by more conservative and traditionally feminine women. Perhaps this is intentional, as Air is strategic, calculating, and leaves nothing to chance. Round tips are the “safest” so to speak with regard to physical contact – no stabby points or sharp corners – which is why I associate this shape with diplomacy and socializing.

An interesting thing about the nail length issue is that long nails are more Yin and receptive, and associated with leisure and luxury due to their impracticality. Here in Indonesia men often grow at least their pinky nails long to indicate status, and obviously long nails are popular with Western women.

That said, this rule only seems to apply to the masses. The wealthiest women in the world, almost without exception, wear very short to medium-short nails – usually without nail polish! Even millionaires wear more flamboyant manicures. Billionaires and royalty clearly live lives of luxury, so what gives?

Short nails are very grounded and Yang – they facilitate focusing on yourself and doing what needs to be done on the material realm, versus long nails which expand your aura and help you tune into emotion and multidimensional energies – and the energies of collective. Regardless of your personal judgment of billionaires and the ruling class, it seems uncontroversial to assume that billionaires as a whole are more focused on their own material needs than they are the energies of other people.

Nails & Net Worth: Billionaire Manicures

“Round tips are not to be underestimated – they are all about STRATEGY and leaving nothing to chance. Based on my preliminary research of the world’s wealthiest hands, this is also the most common manicure shape among billionaire women.”

– @Kikimancy

The most common overall nail style I’ve seen on royalty, billionaire women, and billionaires’ wives is short natural nails. When manicured, they seem to prefer short-to-medium oval and squoval shapes, in subtle palettes like nude, taupe, the occasional pastel or metallic, and French manicures – or a classic red. The only exception I’ve seen so far is Kylie Jenner who likes long, colorful, tapered square tips.

Below you will find photos of 35 women, organized in the following categories:

  • Billionaire Entertainers: Beyoncé, Oprah, Kylie Jenner, JK Rowling
  • Tech CEOs & Tech Wives: Sheryl Sandberg, Priscilla Chan Zuckerberg, Miranda Kerr, Elaine Andriejanssen, Laurene Powell Jobs, Elon Musks ex-wives and his girlfriend Grimes
  • Billionaire Tycoons, Investors, Wives & Heiresses: Françoise Bettencourt Meyers, Nicky Hilton Rothschild, Kwong Siu-hing, Tamiko Bolton, Hope Smith, Mackenzie Bezos, Susan Rockefeller, Ariana Huffington, Wendi Deng, Salma Hayek, Melinda Gates, Jade Foret
  • Political Figures: Ivanka and Melania Trump, Susan Brown, Margot Perot
  • The Royals: Queen Rania, Queen Inkhosikati LaNgangaza, the Queen of England, Queen Fathima Kulsum Zohar Godabari, Princess Ameerah Al-Taweel, Kate Middleton, and Meghan Markle

Billionaire Entertainers’ Nails



Beyoncé’s medium-length oval French manicure. Read my full nail reading here.


Oprah Winfrey’s signature medium nude ovals.


Kylie Jenner is the only billionaire I’ve seen who wears long nails. She seems to favor tapered square tips and has a whole Instagram Highlight for her colorful manicures, but wears a nude set for her Forbes cover. It will be interesting to see if her nail style changes as she gets older/wealthier.


J.K. Rowling wears her signature red squoval nails.

Tech CEOs & Tech Wives Nails

Sheryl Sandberg: “E assim começou o restante da minha vida ...


Sheryl Sandberg, the billionaire COO of Facebook, typically wears short natural nails.


Priscilla Chan Zuckerberg wears super short natural nails.


Miranda Kerr with husband, Snapchat co-founder Evan Spiegel wears short natural nails.


Miranda Kerr, wife of Snapchat co-founder Evan Spiegel, wears short red nails

Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin to wed Singapore-based ...


Elaine Andriejanssen with husband, Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin, wears short natural nails.

Tumblr | He Likes Meteorology


Elaine Andriejanssen with husband, Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin, wears short red nails.

Laurene Powell Jobs: Steve Jobs' widow tiptoeing out of ...


Laurene Powell Jobs wears short natural nails.


Elon Musk with his ex-wives Justine Wilson (left) and Talulah Riley (right). Yes, those are different women. They both seem to be wearing short natural nails.


They’re not married, but musician Grimes seems to have gotten the rich wives memo as far as her nails go, rocking medium nude ovals.

Billionaire Tycoons, Investors, Wives & Heiresses’ Nails


The richest woman in the world, heiress Françoise Bettencourt Meyers (right) wears her naturally squoval nails short and plain.


Nicky Hilton, an heiress in her own right, married into the Rothschild family whose total net worth is estimated $700 trillion. She seems to be wearing short nude nails in her wedding photo but typically wears short natural nails.

Top 10 Richest Women in the World 2019 - Newsblare


Hong Kong businesswoman Kwong Siu-hing rocks what appears to be a short squoval manicure.

Tamiko Bolton Wiki, Age, Bio, Engagement Ring : George ...


Tamiko Bolton, wife of investor George Soros, wears short nude nails.


Hope Smith, wife of billionaire investor Robert Smith, wears short pink oval nails. She’s also been seen wearing short natural nails and oval grey/taupe nails.

Jeff Bezos could hand half his Amazon shares to MacKenzie ...


Mackenzie Bezos, ex-wife of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, wears short natural nails.


Susan Rockefeller, with husband David Rockefeller, wears short natural nails.


Media mogul Ariana Huffington wears short natural nails.


Wendi Deng, ex-wife of Rupert Murdock, wears short, nude nails.


Salma Hayek, with her husband, the French billionaire businessman François-Henri Pinault, wears short-to-medium nude oval nails.

Melinda Gates says US is 'a long way from equality' for ...


Melinda Gates wears short natural nails.

Beautiful Wives of the Billionaires


Jade Foret, wife of businessman Arnaud Lagardère, wears pale nude, medium length squoval nails.

Billionaire Political Figures’ Nails


Ivanka Trump wears short, taupe squoval nails.

Ivanka and Melania Trump are interesting to me because they wore short, pale nails even before they entered politics, where they would be expected to present very conservatively. I include pre- and post- White House photos for comparison.


Melania Trump: a look at the First Lady's humble roots


First Lady Ivanka Trump displays medium length oval tips.


Bikini model Ivanka Trump wears squoval metallic gold nails.

Susan Brown, Michael Bloomberg’s Ex Wife: 5 Fast Facts ...


Susan Brown, ex-wife of former Mayor Michael Bloomberg, wears short red nails and is typically seen with natural nails


Margot Perot, wife of billionaire politician Ross Perot, wears medium length pink oval nails.

Nail Preferences of the Royals


Queen Rania of Jordan wears a short natural manicure – her natural nail plate appears slightly spatulate and rounded.

First Ladies Duniani: Queen Inkhosikati LaNgangaza


Queen Inkhosikati LaNgangaza of Swaziland wears short natural nails.


The Queen of England wears her natural nails.

All Kinds Beautifull Wallpapers: Fathima Kulsum Zohar ...


Queen Fathima Kulsum Zohar Godabari of Saudi Arabia wears short-to-medium pink squoval nails – she’s also been spotted with medium length square nails.


Princess Ameerah Al-Taweel, married to Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal al Saud who has a net worth of $20 billion, wears her signature squoval French manicure.


Kate Middleton wears short natural nails.


Duchess Meghan Markle typically wears short natural nails – here’s a rare shot of her in short dark nails. Her natural nail shape is slightly spatulate squoval.

Astrology & Nail Preferences

Last month I asked my Twitter folks, “What is your favorite nail shape and what are your sidereal big 3?” If you don’t know your sidereal astrology placements, check out my post How to Create a Free Sidereal Chart (with Interpretations). And I haven’t got quite enough responses yet to draw clear conclusions, but so far there is a VERY strong correlation between sidereal Earth sun and moon signs loving square nails. You can participate in my ongoing study in this 1-minute survey.

If you’d like to support my blog and leave a tip, you can do so here:

Thank you so much for reading. Please let me know if you have any questions, and leave a comment to vote on whether I should write about stilettos or coffins next! You may enjoy my exploration of square nails, and first in the nail shapes series, What Do Square Nails Say About Your Personality? If you want to learn more about nail reading, please buy my book, The Ancient Art of Onychomancy In the Modern World: The Comprehensive Guide to Divination of the Nails Manicures:

And finally, major thank you to Press Ons by Shad, a one-woman press on nail business out of Antigua, for providing the illustration photo of this beautiful long white almond nail set:


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