Nail Reading: Nude Coffins with Broken Middle Nail

Saturn’s Manicure

Saturn rules contraction, restriction, discipline – think “less is more,” fitting for an elegant and simple nude manicure. The ring is another Saturnian clue – it looks like a knotted rope, emphasizing this theme of restriction. Aside from the nail shape, coffins are also associated with death, another Saturnian theme. I’d bet money that Saturn is prominent in this person’s astrology chart.


The Astrology of this Nail Break

Let’s look at the astrology of March 14, 2020, when the break occurred according to the dates on the photo:

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Please note I actually don’t know where this person is located or what time the nail broke, so let’s ignore the signs and houses and just look at the planetary aspects – the main thing that’s jumping out at me is this moon square Mercury, which rules hands and nails. Squares generate tension, conflict, and discomfort. If I’m correct in my assessment that this person is very Saturnian in energy, I could see how the emotionally unrestricted moon squaring Mercury could trigger a break to the Saturn nail.

Narrow Coffins = Creative Tension

Speaking of tension! Coffins are ruled by the creative and visionary Fire element, yet the details in this shape – the narrowness of the nail bed and very tapered tips – add some Water element. Fire and water make steam. The creative energy is more simmering beneath the surface, not so overt. I sense that a project or vision is demanding to come to life through these hands.


But there might be a tough conversation before that new beginning can occur, as we see with the nail break down to the throat chakra zone. This break is asking for boundaries to be expressed, to get real about the discipline that is needed, for acknowledgment of what kind of daddy issues (a left hand Saturn theme) may be holding you back from fully expressing yourself.

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3 thoughts on “Nail Reading: Nude Coffins with Broken Middle Nail”

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  2. “a project or vision is demanding to come to life through these hands” 💜 wooow same manicure, but dark red color, middle nail just broke. this only confirms what I already know / have to do. thank you 🙏🏼

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